Fashiondex And LIM College Third Fashion Summit By To Go Online

NEW YORK – Fashiondex and  LIM College are taking their third annual Fashion and Sustainability Summit online.

Focusing on strategies and processes for fashion businesses to take the lead on issues around climate change, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and circularity, the 2020 version of the Fashion and Sustainability Summit will shift from a one-day on-campus event to a series of 20 weekly Zoom conversations every Thursday from July 9 through November 19 (1-2 p.m. EDT).

The Fashion and Sustainability Summit 2020 Series will feature solutions-focused sessions in which fashion companies will share their actions, approaches, and lessons learned when running a business with environmental and social responsibility in mind.

Among the expert guest speakers will be:

  • Amy Hall, Vice President of Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher
  • Rachel K. Lincoln, Director of Sustainability, PrAna Living
  • Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education & Sustainable Strategies, CFDA
  • Lewis Perkins, President, APparel Impact Institute
  • Megan Stoneburner Azim, Director of Sustainability and Sourcing, Outerknown
  • Lisa Diegel, Senior Sustainability Manager, Marc Jacobs
  • Katie Moore, Head Designer, Dr. Scholl’s
  • Simone Cipriani, Chief Technical Adviser, Ethical Fashion Initiative
  • Eszter Csicsai, Member Engagement, Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • Elizabeth Pulos, Social Responsibility & Sustainable Supply Chains, Macy’s

LIM College faculty members will also serve as presenters and students will take on active roles both as moderators and attendees. The series will cover best practices and tangible solutions such as supply chain transparency, green chemistry, advances in technology, and zero waste design. It will explore sustainability both from an ethical perspective and a business point of view, as consumers have demonstrated that they want to do business with companies that seriously care about the environment.

Sponsors include Ecolife Yarn by Belda Llorens, KenDor Textiles, and the Accessories Council.

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Source: PR Newswire