Glass Cypress Renovates Invite-Only Storefront

HOUSTON — Houston-based luxury menswear label Glass Cypress was founded by brothers Samee and Saber Ahmed as a product of their collective academic and psychedelic journeys. To mirror those experiences, and to defamiliarize the ordinary, the essence of the label serves to manifest philosophical and psychological explorations as constructive and aesthetic designs, leading to the intricate mix of delicately detailed Japanese cuts with 90’s inspired grunge prints.

Conceptual men’s clothing label Glass Cypress has redesigned their invite-only Houston storefront to create a gallery-like interactive environment for their customers.

When the Glass Cypress team began renovating their 5,000 square foot home in the suburbs of inner-city Houston, they immediately felt inclined to channel a psychedelic experience, an element which their brand of clothing is largely based on. They imagined the entrance as a funnel, one that wraps you out of the everyday dimension.

“Glass Cypress extracts the niche elements of luxury that lie deep within the crevices of American suburbia,” said Samee Ahmed, Glass Cypress creative director. “A lot of times we found that those elements are deeply ethereal. It made us realize the feeling of fragile relationships amongst highly chaotic surroundings.”

In addition to making major changes to the floor of the main showroom and adding art that accentuates their various label collections that are featured in the store, Glass Cypress has also customized the furniture — including a coffee table and a 1920 Francis Bacon piano. Their redesign also includes murals that are based off of their Hotel Dream collection aesthetic, the brand’s first full collection. Glass Cypress is unveiling the new store on Dec. 13, while simultaneously offering six new in-store only merchandise T-shirts designed by Ahmed.

Glass Cypress was founded by brothers Samee and Saber Ahmed as a product of their collective academic and psychedelic journeys. They were recently featured at Paris Fashion Week.

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