Holiday Spirit Meets School Spirit with M LaHart & Co Collegiate Gifts

Litchfield, Connecticut, November 19, 2019: It is the busiest time of the year at M. LaHart & Co, the nation’s fastest growing purveyor of premium university-branded commemorative gifts for alumni and fans. As demand for the company’s unique school spirited products has grown dramatically each November and December over the past five years, it has become clear that M. LaHart & Co has tapped into a growing sense of nostalgia for the comfort and joy of school traditions.

M.LaHart & Co. collegiate gifts bring school spirit to the holidays with custom items such as school watches, bracelets, cuff links, luxury slippers and more.  You can find 125 custom school shops at

M.LaHart & Co. collegiate gifts bring school spirit to the holidays with custom items such as school watches, bracelets, cuff links, luxury slippers and more. You can find 125 custom school shops at

“As more and more holiday gift givers search for something that’s personalized and truly unique – that special winning present for the holidays – they are turning to gifts that connect with something meaningful in life, something symbolic of a fun, uplifting period,” says Michael LaHart, M.LaHart & Co founder and president, “That often circles back to a favorite school, maybe it’s where someone graduated from, or maybe it’s the hometown or state team you all pulled for growing up. Either way, a great looking school watch, a piece of jewelry or a set of glassware with a university logo on it is a gift that’s remembered and used long after the holidays.”

M.LaHart & Co ( has assembled a timeless line of premium alumni and fan gifts that are customized with the logo or name of over 125 universities. The range of products includes exclusive offerings from world-class brands such as TAG Heuer, Montblanc and Movado, plus the recent addition of Stubbs & Wootton. Add to that traditional classics like the Hitchcock school chair and Howard Miller grandfather clock. “We’re honored that these incredible companies have entrusted their brands to us in the collegiate market,” said Mr. LaHart, “Together, we’ve delivered lasting holiday memories for university alums and fans across the country.”

M.LaHart & Co has also created an assortment of its own beautifully crafted accessories and jewelry items, such as sleek sterling silver cuff links and eye-catching bracelets, through its own design studio. In addition to being customized with a university logo or name, every gift can include personal engraving.

Mr. LaHart has observed there is a meaningful social benefit to sharing school spirit. A common school connection is something that brings people together. Whether it is through an alumni-gathering, or recognizing a fellow fan on gameday, sometimes even a rival fan – there’s a real camaraderie that can be very comforting. “Studies show the social power and wellness benefits of school spirit,” says Mr. LaHart, “I like to think that in addition to being perfect holiday gifts, our spirited products with university logos are also the starting point of a chance conversation, a smile at a coffee shop, a connection at a dinner party, and maybe even a new friendship. These gifts truly capture the spirit of the holidays.”

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