HYLETE Partners with GRACEDBYGRIT foundation

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Sept. 19, 2019 – HYLETE, the men’s and women’s fitness lifestyle brand, announced its partnership of the 501c (3) GRACEDBYGRIT foundation, as part of the HYLETE Charity Support Program. The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation recognizes young women who participate in athletics as an opportunity to discover and develop GRIT while embracing GRACE through the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation scholarship fund. HYLETE has committed to contributing one percent of all HYLETE women’s product line sales to benefit the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation.

Often, young women who are advancing their education while participating in sports are faced with financial constraints that limit their opportunity to continue pursuing sports at the collegiate level. By sponsoring scholarships that honor female student-athletes who’ve overcome adversity, HYLETE hopes to alleviate one of the obstacles. HYLETE acknowledges that sports and athletics can positively affect the personal development of a young woman, encouraging goal-setting, leadership, and teamwork.

GRACEDBYGRIT was formerly a women’s athletic apparel brand that was acquired by HYLETE in June 2018. The co-founder of GRACEDBYGRIT and a few GRACEDBYGRIT team members joined the HYLETE team to further enhance HYLETE’s female experience. The legacy of GRACEDBYGRIT Inc., lives on through the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation. Both HYLETE and the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation value the power women find within themselves to overcome obstacles life throws at them.

Kate Nowlan, former COO and co-founder of GRACEDBYGRIT Inc., President of the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation and VP of HYLETE Experience, says, “I am proud to represent both the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation and HYLETE. Looking ahead, we have an opportunity to highlight the recipients of the scholarships and exemplify the importance of athletics for young women. With all the obstacles young women face, this is one tangible contribution and statement we can make as an inclusive, passionate and innovative brand. For the HYLETE community, they not only can purchase incredible product, but they can support a relevant cause.”

As a digitally native fitness lifestyle brand, HYLETE is committed to providing high-quality products to its dedicated community, and this is a great initiative taken by them. You can also focus on offering the best in class services to your clients by incorporating our apparel design software to offer customization services.

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