Island Eddie Showcase Exquisite Art on Premium Dress T-Shirts

ELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 29, 2020 /– Island Eddie’s and Mr. George Kargianis have created an arrangement to bring you Mr. Kargianis’ exquisite art on soft high-quality T-Shirts. So, not only are you purchasing unique art, you are receiving quality apparel.

Island Eddie’s would like to introduce you to Mr. George Kargianis, a distinguished lawyer in the Seattle/Bellevue Wa., area. What makes Mr. Kargianis interesting, is that not only is he a distinguished lawyer, he is a unique and exceptional artist and poet.


Island Eddie’s was so impressed with the combination of unique art and poetry that it was a “must” to share his works with the public through professional display of his art on Island Eddie’s premium T-Shirts.

Currently, there are four separate artworks displayed on white or black premium T-Shirts.  You have a selection of “The Angel,” The Lasso,” “It’s Evening” and the “Koi.”  These provide only a sample of Mr. Kargianis art. Overall, Mr. Kargianis has created over a dozen pieces of unique art and associated poems.  Throughout the year we will be introducing new works by Mr. Kargianis. Additionally, Island Eddie’s will be introducing special editions of his art.

Included with the purchase of Island Eddie’s T-shirt with one of a kind art is a poem created specifically by Mr. Kargianis for each artwork design, a truly unique experience.

Eddie Dean, founder and CEO, states, “Island Eddie’s bases its philosophy from the sights and sounds of the Hawaiian Islands from which it was founded. It is that casual life style that best describes our approach to our apparel and life style: simplicity, style, and island attitude. Island Eddie’s is more than a design; it’s a Life style.”

Island Eddie’s Design, LLC is a certified Veteran owned small apparel business that was formed in 2005 and is located in Bellevue, Wa. What’s unique about Island Eddie’s is that we are passionate about quality, and style. Island Eddie’s is more than a design; it’s a life style.

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Source: PR Newswire