Italian Fashion Brand Redemption Brings In New Sustainable Strategy

Italian luxury fashion brand Redemption has teamed up with Livia Firth’s sustainability and communications consultancy Eco-Age to strengthen its commitment to sustainability with a new strategy, ‘Re|set the Future’.

Redemption, founded by Bebe Moratti in 2013, has become known for combining sexy, rock ’n’ roll looks with conscious and socially responsible design and its updated strategy is part of its plan to accelerate the label into a “true sustainable” brand.

The idea of the new strategy is not only to implement a “holistic and measurable responsible business strategy” but also one that “respects people and the planet,” explained Redemption in a statement.

The ‘Re|set the Future’ strategy has been created to build on the label’s work to date on social impact projects, and its founding principles of an alternative business model that was designed to challenge the status quo, while also pushing the brand “further” by implementing several initiatives that will amplify its existing focus on social responsibility and build on its ambitions to have a more positive environmental impact.

The new strategy is centred around four key pillars – collections, climate, community and culture.

Redemption, which currently produces 100 percent of its collections in Italy, will commit to increasing its use of alternative materials that “respect the environment and welfare of animals and people,” while also continuing to develop responsible sourcing practices that promote traceability and the respect of fair working practices along its value chain.

With regards climate, the luxury label is placing promoting of energy efficiency at the heart of its operations, by minimising waste and reducing the environmental impact of its packaging and logistics.

When it comes to community, Redemption is pleading to “further nurture” its global community by providing a safe and supportive environment for its team in an environment where “equality, collaboration and development is essential to everything we do”.

The final pilar is culture, where the Italian label is looking to give back by investing in welfare and education, a commitment that has been with the brand since its launch. As part of its improved commitment, Redemption has stated that it will continue to contribute to non-profit and charitable entities as it looks to play its part in “creating a more positive fashion industry”.

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Source: PR Newswire