ItsLikeFashion Opens Registration to Enjoy Purchase of Luxurious Brands

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif : It’, Inc. (“ItsLikeFashion”), a membership-only business, announced today it launched its new portal,, at midnight, January 1, 2020. ItsLikeFashion will offer household name brands and luxury items ranging from apparel, bags, purses, shoes and accessories, to linens, bedding and similar items at prices discounted up to 90% off retail. Luxury and household name brands will be rotated and not featured consecutively. Sales will be conducted through “pop-up” sales locations with members receiving notification of the sale location no more than a few days prior to the event. ItsLikeFashion anticipates that each pop-up sale will be conducted over a 3 to 4-day period, as indicated accordingly in each notification.

To participate in the discounted sales, registration as a member is required and available now at Whether the pop-up sale is in your city or takes place in another part of the country, members will be able to preview items days prior to the pop-up sale. Members will be able to purchase their selections online or in person, on a first-come first-served basis, in accordance with the rules of membership. In accordance with our contract terms and conditions with the luxury brands that will be featured, memberships cannot be shared between individuals.

Every year, retailers in the U.S. send billions of pounds of unsold inventory to landfills or have them incinerated. Apparel returns in the U.S. create more than 5 billion pounds of waste each year and more than 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Concerns over waste are growing as retailers bring more shoppers online, where the rate of returns is 25% compared to just 9% for in-store purchases. has joined the fight to reduce the amount of excess inventory headed to landfills or incineration by providing manufacturers a more sustainable, “greener” alternative to liquidate their inventories.

It’, Inc., is a Delaware corporation dedicated to bringing luxury and household name brand apparel, fashion accessories, linens, shoes and other textiles to consumers at greatly discounted pricing through its membership-only portal, as well as branded third-party online sites in conjunction with its featured pop-up locations.  To give an edge to the offerings of unique apparels, shoes, and other products, iDesigniBuy offers end-to-end product customization software that helps client’s in availing the products as per their customer’s expectations and on-going market trend.