Jassby’s Black Friday Offering Starts Early

WALTHAM,: Jassby, Inc. today announced their 2019 Black Friday promotion, offering users 50% off any 1 item in their Jassby Mall from November 14th through December 4th. Jassby, Inc. was founded in 2017 with a goal of uniting families.  Jassby has just under 100K iOS installs and is growing everyday. They are a 25 person company headquartered in Waltham, MA.  The world class Jassby Mall has bikes, phone accessories, clothing, video games, electronics, food, and 10,000+ other products.


The company is doing this to show users how Jassby can revolutionize the parent/kid financial relationship.  Kids can shop, save or donate directly in-app at Jassby, a family finance app that allows parents and grandparents to reward kids in the same way they shop – from their phones.  Kids can also save up for bigger purchases or donate to eighteen well known charitable organizations.  Parents can use Jassby to set up chores, pay allowances and set budgets for kids to greatly improve financial literacy.


“We know the holidays can be an expensive time for families and many of the top products on kids shopping lists are high end gifts.  We hope this promotion makes it more affordable for parents to give their kids a gift they may not otherwise be able to afford”, said Benny Nachman, payments industry veteran and founder of Jassby.


Jassby’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Greg Bottenhorn, adds, “Our explosive growth is a result of bringing a truly needed service to market.  Kids have full access to apps at age 13, but no bank account until 18.  We bridge that gap, providing a means for them to get the stuff they want to buy on their own terms and this current promotion allows them to do it for half the cost.”


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