Kat Florence Launches Rare Collection of Muzo Emeralds to Collectors

TORONTO, May 13, 2020 — Internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Kat Florence is certain that in these difficult times, people are looking forward to something beautiful, sparkling, shining – something that will bring light into their lives and also hold value. What could be more suitable than a glowing Emerald from the legendary Muzo Emerald Mine? Hence Kat Florence has decided to offer international collectors her collection of very rare Colombian Muzo Emeralds.

Jewelry experts agree: the most sought-after Emeralds in the world come from Colombia, more precisely from the Muzo Mine. It is one of the oldest sites of Emeralds in the world, in the Boyaca Highlands of Colombia, where the Rio Minero River winds its way between tropical hills. The Muzo Mines are also the birthplace of the Taj Mahal Emerald, Catherine the Great Emerald, and the renowned Elizabeth Taylor Emerald.

“All in all, we have spent two years working on this collection, from the search for these rare Emeralds, to their cutting, the design and the crafting of each piece of jewelry,” said Kat Florence.

The word has got around in collector circles that Kat Florence is working on this collection. The excitement among collectors who want to secure a piece of jewelry with stones from the Muzo mine is high. “We’re seeing this with increased traffic to our website and social media.”

In recent years, interest among collectors has increased in “legacy gemstones,” i.e., gems that have a story to tell or that come from famous and historic mines. “Quality, rarity, and lasting value are more in demand than ever,” says Kat Florence.

The Kat Florence Muzo Colombian Emerald collection features the Kat Florence Eternal, a 55.66 unoiled Emerald, which is expected to go up for auction in 2021. Initial estimates suggest that this Emerald may well break the existing world record of USD 305,000 per carat held by the famous Rockefeller Emerald.

Kat Florence explains: “Due to the importance and rarity of these natural 2 to 55-carat fine color crystallized Colombian Emeralds, we asked world’s leading gemologist Dr. Dietmar Schwarz to personally certify each and every Emerald of this collection. Dr. Schwarz has been head of the research department of the Gubelin Swiss Lab for 23 years, certifying the world’s most famous Emeralds based on his many years of experience.

During these times of depression, only the jewelry sector has the power to spread smiles and show something beautiful, sparkling, shining. Therefore, a well-known jewelry designer Kat Florence decided to offer international collectors her collection of very rare Colombian Muzo Emeralds. On the similar lines, we at iDesigniBuy, a fashion tech company, offer jewelry brands a platform where their buyers can select and design their pieces of ornaments, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces, among others. Collaborate with us if you are willing to pave success in the fashion world.

Source- PR Newswire