L.L.Bean Releases Top-Ten Requested Names for Monogramming in 2019


Internationally recognized outdoor retailer L.L.Bean, best known for its legendary customer service and high-quality gear and apparel, announced the most popular names customers requested for monogramming on its iconic Boat and Tote bags in 2019. L.L.Bean offers monogramming of many of its products, but the enduring popularity of the Boat and Tote as a personalized gift makes it a cultural bellwether, comparable to the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular baby names in the US each year.

Grace, Olivia, and Emily top the list for female names at L.L.Bean in 2019, compared to Emma, Olivia, and Ava on the most recent SSA list. Jack, Henry, and Charlie rank highest for male names at L.L.Bean, while Liam, Noah, and William top the SSA list.

One direct crossover is that Oliver and Olivia place in both the SSA and L.L.Bean top ten lists, with Olivia filling second place for females on both lists. L.L.Bean acknowledges that despite this similarity, the two lists are not equivalent.

“After the Social Security Administration released its annual list of the most popular names, we were curious to see how our top monogrammed names compared,” said Laurie Brooks, L.L.Bean spokesperson. “While many of these totes are personalized for customers of all ages, we know that some of these totes also feature pet’s names.”

L.L.Bean has been stitching the heavyweight cotton canvas totes in Maine for 75 years. Introduced in 1944 as Bean’s Ice Carrier, the bags now come in a variety of sizes and colors and are used for carrying just about anything. Monogramming is a popular personalization on the totes and offered inside L.L.Bean retail stores, as well as online orders.

Top L.L.Bean Monogramming Names in 2019

Male Names
1.    Jack
2.    Henry
3.    Charlie
4.    Owen
5.    Sam
6.    Silas
7.    Abner
8.    Mac
9.    Miles
10.    Oliver

Female Names
1.    Grace
2.    Olivia
3.    Emily
4.    Karilyn
5.    Lucy
6.    Jamie
7.    Zoe
8.    Jessica
9.    Molly
10.    Maddie


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