Lands’ End Taps Rowing Blazers For A Limited-Edition Collection

DODGEVILLE, Wis., Sept. 6, 2019 — Lands’ End (NASDAQ: LE), the iconic American heritage brand, has teamed up with the youthful, neo-prep brand Rowing Blazers on a limited-edition capsule collection launching this fall. Inspired by Lands’ End’s rich history, and Rowing Blazers’ irreverent, fashion-forward take on classic American style, the unisex capsule will feature rugby shirts in 100% cotton and a weekend bag in Lands’ End’s trademark Seagoing Duffle construction. The limited-edition rugby shirts are made in the USA.

Lands’ End is no stranger to the rugby shirt, creating and designing the official jerseys for the USA Eagles in the late 1980s. They passed the field test and have been a beloved part of the brand’s offering ever since. Rowing Blazers meanwhile is largely credited with bringing the rugby shirt back to the forefront of menswear today. Rowing Blazers is the official blazer supplier to the USA men’s and women’s rugby teams.

“We have seen the Rowing Blazers brand emerge over the last couple of years and love how they blend streetwear with classic prep,” said Chieh Tsai, Chief Product Officer at Lands’ End. “We felt a lot of synergy between the brands and wanted to highlight a product that was part of the original Lands’ End assortment back in the 80s. We put a modern spin on the classic rugby and updated it with Rowing Blazers flair. We are excited to bring to life this colorful collaboration between two all-American brands.”

Rowing Blazers and Lands’ End might seem at first blush to be at opposite ends of the spectrum,” said Rowing Blazers founder and former U.S. team rower Jack Carlson. “Rowing Blazers is a small, young, New York-based fashion, borderline streetwear, brand. Lands’ End is a legendary all-American brand based in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. But there’s actually a lot of very meaningful shared DNA. Lands’ End began as a sailing and yacht supply company; Rowing Blazers began as a supplier and outfitter for rowing clubs. There’s a shared passion of the stories behind products; a real love for color, simplicity, and meaning. Perhaps most importantly, the rugby shirt has become a key category for both brands. I think Lands’ End should be credited in no small part with introducing the rugby shirt as a staple of the American wardrobe; taking it from a niche or novelty item and making it a true staple.”

This limited-edition collection will debut on September 5th, with a new limited-edition rugby shirt releasing every month through November. The collection will be available for purchase at, and at the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse in New York. For more information about Lands’ End x Rowing Blazers Collection, visit

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