Major Tom Introduces Its Own Ecommerce Store And Fashion Line

The clothing line features bright and fun collections with names like “Sci-Fi Summer”, “Rocket Popsicle”, and “Space Animals”. The store features summertime attire like t-shirts, shorts, flip flops, and accessories like hats, backpacks, and even socks that are out of this world.

Using a just-in-time (JIT) system means there are no inventory costs and makes the eCommerce store sustainable. The name of the store, The Tin Can, is a subtle nod to David Bowie’s song, Space Oddity.

The inspiration for the store originally came from the desire to provide employees with fashionable and high-quality company branded merchandise that wasn’t plastered with the company name. Every business wants its employees to be proud of where they work, but often company merchandise can look like a uniform or something that the executives would wear to a golf tournament. Google, for example, has an official merchandise store but its products try and turn customers into human billboards for the brand. Major Tom’s strategy, on the other hand, is to be design-first and keep the logo subtle.

Additionally, the store incentivizes employees to share the agency’s content across their social channels. The employee who shares the most within a week wins a gift card to spend in the store.

Another motivation for the store was to grow internal agency expertise on not only launching an eCommerce store but understanding product design and supply chain logistics. The store is a great educational experience for its employees to learn and experiment with Shopify, eCommerce, Amazon integration, Google Merchant Center and Shopping, and gift cards and loyalty programs. Discover more about the online store’s business purpose.


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Source: PR web