Masking Fashion Introduces Protective Streetwear in Partnership with Art Mecca

NEW YORK, May 27, 2020– Masking Fashion today announced a new partnership with Art Mecca, an independent art label. This partnership will create a combined mission of providing protective fashionable masks with an inspirational work of art & distinctive aesthetic.

“We’re creating something fashionable and yet highly functional. Our vision is to help push culture towards a more sensible approach through reusable masks that will become as common as umbrellas,” says Byeolnim Kim, COO at Masking Fashion. “A Partnership with Art Mecca will greatly improve the inspirational aspect of our goal by featuring unique artwork directly on the protective masks.”

“Working with Masking Fashion enables our artists to not only place gallery-level artwork on highly functional masks, but gives them direct exposure on a new platform, literally on your face,” says Ryan Young, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Art Mecca. “This is where we set our company apart to further align with Masking Fashion’s mission to drive style & functionality through art.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Providing additional income and exposure for Art Mecca Artists during the pandemic
  • Enhancing the Masking Fashion brand by exclusive artwork featured prominently on each mask
  • Providing Original Artwork on Masks that embody the character, grit & vibrancy of New York City in addition to feeling comfortable and protected.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, every fashion house is trying its best to contribute to society’s betterment. Some are engaged in raising funds for hospitals, some in manufacturing sanitizers, while others are producing protective masks to people. Recently, Masking Fashion, a Fashion Mask a start-up, Introduced a new set collection of protective streetwear in partnership with Art Mecca, an established contemporary art label. The Art Mecca Facemasks will feature artwork reflecting the character, grit & vibrancy of New York City on elegant protective masks. The joint venture of the two companies will not ensure people’s safety but will also make the facemasks stylish and fashionable with inspirational work of art and distinctive aesthetic. We at iDesigniBuy, commend and firmly stand behind the fashion brands who initiated efforts to combat COVID-19 and not succumbing to the adverse situations.

Source- PR Newswire