Maternity Wear Market to Witness Significant Growth till 2025

Felton, California: The global Maternity Wear Market scope appreciated by US$ 18.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.3% from 2019 to 2025. The scope of the market is estimated to touch US$ 24.5 billion during the forecast period. The development of the market is due to increasing emphasis on pregnancy fashion and rising population of pregnant employed women in emerging nations.

The demand for pregnancy wears is great from advanced provinces for example Europe and North America. The existence of high fashion-conscious customers and the greater per head earnings are the most important explanations for the greater demand for maternity wear in these provinces.

Usually maternity wear is designed using a wobbly, appropriate cut that takes account of tabs, elastic, stretchable cloth like spandex, and elastane. It permits the end user additional coziness during pregnancy.

Online shopping websites and accessibility of easy choices of delivery has led to the demand for maternity wear increasing steadily. Online channels are expected to show an optimistic development with easy payment and growth in digitalization through various channels being on the rise.

The report classifies the global maternity wear market by Sales Network, Product, and Region. Further, Sales Network has been classified as Online and Store-based. Under Product, the classification is Night Wear, Outer Wear, and Inner Wear.

The global maternity wear market report covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa. It is expected to observe substantial development till 2025. The development is credited to growing impact of celebrity personalities on social media like Facebook and Instagram, together with big maternity fashion brands like Thyme Maternity and Seraphine leading to an upsurge in the demand for plus sizes in formal wear.

Increasing popularity of stylish maternity wears owing to Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is estimated to increase the sale of maternity ware, particularly in European nations like France and the U.K. Furthermore, numerous superstars and bloggers for example Kayla are detailing their prenatal period in exercise videos and posts while marketing a brand of maternity wear.

Asia Pacific is likely to display substantial development during the period of forecast owing to the growing expenditure by fresh moms-to-be for their pregnancy photo-shoots, together with the increasing buying capability of women in this province. With reference to the report by World Bank in 2018, the number of deliveries per woman in emerging nations for example Argentina, China, and India is reasonably greater than other nations. This is expected to increase the demand for maternity wear in these nations during the period of estimation.

Increasing acceptance of fashion clothing owing to better earnings in Middle Eastern nations for example Saudi Arabia and Dubai is expected to increase the demand for maternity wear till 2025. Destination Maternity and Noon are the two widely known brands in UAE for maternity wear.

In addition to presenting new products, companies are progressively introducing their online websites to supply to the huge base of customers and deliver customized shopping experience. For example, some of the widely held online maternity wear stores are Mom’s the World, Maternity Old Navy, Isabella Oliver, Gap, Amoralia, are known to customize to customer demands.

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