MATRO GBJ, the Leading Jewelry Collection Store attended The 2nd China International Import Expo

SHANGHAI, Nov. 18, 2019 /– The 2nd China International Import Expo was officially kicked off in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on 5th November. MATRO GBJ jewelry collection store, with an exhibition area of 315 square meters, was the largest jewelry exhibitor this year. A luxury goods zone was set in the quality life sector this year. Meanwhile, the CIIE International Forum on Quality Life was held to enrich the content of the Expo with larger scale, higher aim and better quality. Mr. Zhang Chen, President of Suzhou Function Group Co. Ltd, joined the forum and delivered a speech which introduced Matro Mall and consumption upgrade in China.

MATRO GBJ brought two Guinness world record keepers from Coronet® — “diamond toilet” and “diamond guitar” to CIIE. The “diamond guitar” was certified as the “most valuable guitar” and the “diamond toilet” was certified as the “most diamonds set on a toilet” at 2:00 p.m. on 6th Nov., becoming the 10th Guinness world record of Coronet®.

On 7th Nov., during the CIIE International Forum on Quality Life, a roundtable discussion themed as “Consumption Upgrade and Opportunity in High-end Consumption Market” was held. Mr. Zhang Chen, President of Suzhou Function Group Co. Ltd,. Deputy director of Luxury committee, China General Chamber of Commerce expressed that the essence of quality life is to make life better. Customers shall not only enjoy better goods and better service, but also better connoisseurship.

At present, MATRO GBJ collected famous jewelry brands such as EFFY, Annamaria Cammilli, JYE, MISUI, Roberto Bravo, Rosato from more than 10 countries and regions including US, Italy, UK, Germany, France and so on. The Turkish brand — Roberto Bravo joined MATRO GBJ after friendly communication during the 1st CIIE last year with unique design philosophy and exquisite craftmanship.

In the future, MATRO GBJ will adhere to the principle of a world economy with consultation, contribution and shared benefits, lay a solid foundation for the communication of Chinese customers and international jewelries, bridge up Chinese market and foreign jewelry brands and achieve the joint development of world jewelry economy.

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