MATRO GBJ Won the Annual Verse Jewelry Design Award at 2019 BAZZAR Jewelry Awards

BEIJING, January 7, 2020 – On December 16, with the theme of “Neo Chinese Style”, 2019 BAZZAR Jewelry Award and Jewelry Night, where Matro GBJ won the “Annual Verse Jewelry Design Award”, came to an end. The banquet of jewelry, music, dance attracted top jewelry brands at home and abroad, popular stars and famous artists, more than 100 media and social elites. BAZZAR Jewelry, the first and best jewelry and fashion magazine in China, is known as “the authority of professional jewelry collection”. Stars and celebrities attended the Night and witnessed this “Oscar of Jewelry”.


BAZZAR Jewelry combined comments of domestic jewelry and fashion experts and the votes of netizens to select the “Annual Top-Notch Jewelry Award”, “Annual Outstanding Jewelry Design Award”, “Annual Jewelry Watch Award”, “Annual Oriental Charm Jewelry Design Award” and “Annual Verse Jewelry Design Award” in accordance with the highest standards so these five awards can fully represent the highest international and domestic standards and qualified to be “the Most Valuable Jewelry Award”. During this event, Matro GBJ won the “Annual Verse Jewelry Design Award” by presenting its jewelry brand Astria’s color Diamond Earrings—”Spirit of Peacock”. A few famous actress, famous singer and musical, and famous musical actor presented awards to Mr. Shen Kai, general manager of Metro GBJ. “Matro GBJ will keep introducing overseas boutique jewelry to Chinese consumers and is committed to the innovation and development of Chinese jewelry retail,” Mr. Shen said.


Jewelry has always been an exhibition of the cultures, craft, aesthetic standards and arts of each nation. It is also the expression of human creativity and the symbol of historical progress. Since its establishment, Matro GBJ, which is continuously updating its brands, has been committed to promoting the development of China’s jewelry retail mode and selecting the best international jewelry brands for Chinese consumers. Matro GBJ aims to build a more convenient and stable communication platform for domestic and international jewelry industry so as to provide a more inclusive and multi-dimension environment for Chinese jewelry fans.


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