New Jewelry Book by Jenny Butterfield Offers Readers a Unique Perspective on How to Choose Jewelry

PITTSBURGH, — A new jewelry guide by Jenny Butterfield, “Choosing Jewelry Made Easy: How the Right Piece of Jewelry Changes Your Life and Leaves a Lasting Legacy,” provides clear and easy to follow advice on how to buy your favorite jewelry the first time and save money with ease while doing it.

“Buying jewelry should be fun,” says Jenny Butterfield, “and finding your favorite pieces is a snap as long as you’re talking to a jeweler you can trust. I want people to be able to confidently walk into a jewelry store, shop online, or talk to a local jeweler. My book helps people get what they want without overspending or getting the wool pulled over their eyes.” Jenny is a jewelry designer who’s been working in the jewelry industry for over ten years. Her fresh perspective on jewelry design and step-by-step process for buying jewelry is a perfect read for independent women who want to build their own jewelry collections or men looking to buy special gifts.

“Choosing Jewelry Made Easy” takes the guess work out of jewelry buying by walking readers through the same process that Jenny uses with her own clients when she’s designing custom jewelry for them. She offers practical advice about choosing jewelry designs and materials that are right for your lifestyle and personal style as well as tips for getting your correct jewelry sizes, choosing the right jeweler for you, and tips for protecting your jewelry after you’ve made a purchase.

Men looking to make an engagement ring purchase or women on the go who just don’t want to have to worry about their jewelry would both benefit from “Choosing Jewelry Made Easy.” This guide is chalk full of Jenny’s ten plus years of experience in her industry, and her down-to-earth, easy-to-understand approach to buying jewelry makes savvy, beautiful purchases a breeze.

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