New Transparent Mask Design Provides Superior Protection and Human Connection

ClearlyHuman Reveal mask allows you to communicate safely with emotion, subtlety, and nuance.

PASADENA, Calif., Sept. 11, 2020 — ClearlyHuman, LLC has launched Reveal, a transparent protective mask to protect against COVID-19 on Kickstarter. Reveal highlights the facial gestures and micro-expressions that connect us—the joyful hello of a smile, the romance of blowing a kiss, and the subtle difference between seriousness and sarcasm.

ClearlyHuman just launched their first product on Kickstarter – the ClearlyHuman Reveal mask. Elegantly designed for superior comfort, communication, and protection, Reveal features a patent-pending two-way, N95 level cartridge for safe, breathable air. The ClearlyHuman Reveal is now on Kickstarter.

REVEAL has four simple components:

  • Clear polycarbonate shell with safe, anti-fog coating
  • Soft silicone gasket, comfortable fit, airtight seal
  • Adjustable, easily replaceable strap
  • Replaceable filter cartridges, N95 level two-way

Here’s what ClearlyHuman co-founder Richard Holbrook (award-winning designer: Bernhardt Design, Brown Jordan, and Herman Miller) has to say about the design of the Reveal mask:

“Our ClearlyHuman Reveal mask design solves critical challenges around mask-wearing. We believe our mask will unlock the power of safe communication and restore some humanity during these crazy times.”

— Richard Holbrook

During the thirty-day Kickstarter campaign, ClearlyHuman is offering reduced pricing and volume discounts for early backers. At the close of the campaign, Reveal will be available on the website. Filter cartridge replacements will be offered on-demand or through convenient subscription programs.

The ClearlyHuman Reveal campaign is now live at

Interviews and additional photos & video available on request.

About ClearlyHuman:

Founded in 2020 by Richard Holbrook, Darren Mark, Theo Mandin-Lee, Ed Barguiarena, and Pat Amsbry, ClearlyHuman is a collective of inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, and storytellers. We create human-centered products that celebrate connection, expression, and diversity.

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Source: PR Newswire