Onirikka Fine Jewelry Launches Elegant Gold Jewelry for Daring Professionals

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 12, 2019 – With the launch of Onirikka Fine Jewelry, fine gold jewelry for professionals need not be boring or stuffy as has often been the case. Inspired by colorful nature, their collections are bold and daring yet sophisticated enough to be worn in professional settings. Classy yet adventurous, Onirikka Fine Jewelry pieces exude originality by executing bold, tropical inspirations with impeccably crafted fine materials like precious gemstones, 18K gold and colorful enamel.


The entire team behind Onirikka Fine Jewelry, from the designers to the craftspeople, is passionate about quality, elegance and individuality. Their commitment to these ideals is reflected in every piece from all of their collections of fine gold jewelry for professionals. Onirikka Fine Jewelry blends elegant craftsmanship with edgy designs for a truly unique style for tasteful individuals who want to stand apart from the crowd.


A representation of nature’s sweetest ladybug in all colors to evoke a modern and abstract approach to nature through design. Handcrafted in 18kg, enamel and multicolor gemstones.


Influenced partly by the creative director’s native El Salvador, Onirikka Fine Jewelry combines clean lines with colorful details that add just a touch of whimsy to elegant design. Their collections are inspired by the geometry and charm of colorful nature to create a classic aesthetic with the right mix of subtlety and quirkiness. Onirikka Fine Jewelry offers a wide range of pieces across their six collections including bracelets, drop earrings, studs, cuff links, pins, necklaces and rings, all meticulously made from carefully sourced gold and gemstones.


Upbeat and sophisticated, every collection from Onirikka Fine Jewelry includes bright dashes of color carefully balanced against the intrinsic beauty of fine gold. The Finch and Leap Collections are especially bold in their use of natural motifs; both of these vibrant collections depict the fauna after which they are named. Although brightly colored and whimsical, both collections are also restrained enough to be appropriate for wearing in professional settings. Necklaces and bracelets from the Leap collection are especially dainty in their construction.


Other collections are more abstract in translating natural influences into fine gold jewelry for professionals. The MyLady and Citron Collections stylize the ladybug and citrus fruit respectively for highly geometric, symmetrical pieces. The MyLady Collection eschews the typical red-and-black color scheme of the ladybug itself. Instead, 18K gold and enamel are accented with gemstone “dots” and circular settings to create elegant pieces that give a subtle nod to the charming insect. Similarly, the Citron Collection mirrors the circular and semicircular shapes of citrus fruits. These pieces burst with brightly colored sapphires and enamels in red, lime green, orange and yellow.


Lastly, the Patches collection from Onirikka Fine Jewelry draws inspiration from the patchwork of vivid colors that defines a tropical rain forest. Patches relies on simple, clean lines made of 18K gold accented with vivid gemstones and enamels. All but one piece in this collection is multicolored.


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