P.E Nation launches sustainable snow collection

Oct. 29, 2020 — Active streetwear label P.E Nation has launched its first-ever sustainable snow collection, which will be available to try on using custom created AR Instagram filters.

Launching globally on October 29, the ‘Sustainable in Snow’ collection features fifteen exclusive designs that blend P.E Nation’s distinct mix of sleek colorway with chunky knits, timeless base layers, and high performance, technical snow wear.

Placing sustainability at the heart of the collection, ski suits are made from a recycled polyester mix, with 3M Thinsulate TM Insulation made from 78 percent post-consumer recycled materials. While other pieces are made from developed and tested sustainable fabrics that encompass sweat-wicking, odor-protecting, and quick-drying recycled materials.

Commenting on the collection, P.E Nation co-founder Pip Edwards said in a statement: “Creating premium, quality clothing is essential to our brand, as is our commitment to sustainability and ensuring this is always a focus from the start. By fusing feminine fashion, elevated function, and technical recycled materials, we’ve really raised the benchmark and produced a completely conscious snow collection.”

To launch the sustainable skiwear collection, P.E Nation has also created an exclusive world custom Instagram filter that transports fans to a snow environment and allows them to “try on” selected garments before they buy using augmented reality (AR) technology.

Edwards added: “Our custom created Instagram filter enables customers to ‘try on’ the collection in a safe environment, before they commit to buying, reducing the environmental impact of returns as well as offering an overall better shopping experience.

“Looking ahead, ensuring sustainable initiatives are at the forefront. I anticipate that the fashion industry will be able to successfully move sustainably and produce forward-thinking collections, like P.E Nation’s ‘Sustainable in Snow’ collection and ‘try on’ service. From here, things can only get better.”

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Source: FashionUnited