Red Carpet Green Dress & TENCEL Launches Sustainable Design Contest

LOS ANGELES : Red Carpet Green Dress™ is launching the RCGD Global Design Contest 2020 in partnership with TENCEL™ Luxe. Founded by leading environmentalist Suzy Amis Cameron, the international design contest is open to anyone over the age of 21, talented and serious designers whether they are emerging or established professionals from all over the world are welcome to enter. The designers can submit their application through, from May 12th – July 30th. The winners will be selected in late August by an international panel of sustainable fashion experts. The winning designers will get the opportunity to dress prominent influencers in the fashion and entertainment industry for an exciting red carpet moment and present their work to an audience of eco-influencers in LA at the RCGD Gala, along with a monetary award, and business mentorship and more.


Supported by the Conscious Fashion Campaign in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, the campaign and contest will be directing a percentage of funds raised towards two crucial organizations: Awaj Foundation in Bangladesh and The Fifth Pillar (in cooperation with Fair Wear) in Myanmar, by directing funds to the disproportionately vulnerable garment workers severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


“At RCGD, we believe this is an important time for our sustainable design contest, which champions a message of hope and opportunity, particularly when spirits are so low. When Suzy Amis Cameron started the initiative in 2009, her motivations were to create opportunities and visibility for fashion designers and to fundraise for environmental or socially responsible causes. We could not think of a more relevant time to step up for both of those reasons, over 10 years later. We are excited to partner with TENCEL™ Luxe and put the crucial spotlight on emerging design talent, and at the same time the incredible work our allies at Awaj Foundation in Bangladesh and The Fifth Pillar in Myanmar are doing to support garment workers right now,” said Samata Pattinson, CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress™.


“For decades, sustainability has always been sidelined in eco-couture. Through our partnership with Red Carpet Green Dress™, we are able to put the spotlight on sustainability on the red carpet. We are thrilled to join hands with Red Carpet Green Dress™ in the RCGD Global Design Contest 2020 and together, we will take a greater stride forward to build a more sustainable industry ecosystem. We look forward to seeing many creative eco-couture entries and inspire designers all over the world to support us in driving sustainability in the fashion industry,” said Harold Weghorst, Vice President of Global MARKETING, Lenzing AG.


“Red Carpet Green Dress™ shares our vision in impacting positive change within the fashion industry. Working hand in hand with the United Nations Office for Partnerships we aim to support meaningful multi-stakeholder collaborations which secure a future where no one is left behind. RCGD Global Design Contest 2020 is the epitome of aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap to recovery in these unprecedented times to shape the future of fashion. Empowering next generation talent along with supporting women garment workers is a catalyst to commitment towards dynamic and lasting change,” said Kerry Bannigan, Founder Conscious Fashion Campaign in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships


Red Carpet Green Dress™ was conceived in response to the growing need for sustainable fashion. When faced with the lack of ethical fashion choices whilst attending global premieres of husband James Camerons’ ‘Avatar’, campaign founder Suzy Amis Cameron decided that it was time for a change. She created a design contest which challenged emerging and established designers across the globe to create sustainable Oscar-worthy gowns, thus fulfilling the Green Dress criteria to serve the obvious need for more sustainability in the industry. During this current pandemic so many have lost their jobs including garment workers. By directing a percentage of funds raised through entries – there is a nominal $30 entry fee – and direct contributions from RCGD and partners to the Awaj Foundation and The Fifth Pillar (in cooperation with Fair Wear), they aim to step up for these workers and create opportunities for the global design community at the same time. RCGD is partnering with TFS Natural Home by The Futon Shop to provide face masks to the garment workers, many of whom are either being forced back to factory work prematurely or are in precarious and vulnerable positions.


iDesigniBuy appreciates and encourages the noble cause and stands firmly with the organizations and brands who are helping the front line workers in this tough times when COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak.


Source: PR Newswire