Rising American Fashion Designer, Jackie Holliday, Selected to Showcase Her Collection to the Asian Market at the Prestigious IMVAF 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Sept.13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — International Music Video Awards Festival (IMVAF), an event organized by TOC Production, invites Jackie Holliday to showcase her original, luxury, modern and slick design at the upcoming IMVAF which will be held in 7th March 2020 at Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jackie Holliday is a New York City based luxury fashion designer. She is born and bred in New York City and she designs for the woman who is independent, ambitious, fierce and fun.

Jackie Holliday had just launched her newest collection ‘Endless Summer’ at the VIP New York Fashion Week catwalk show. This exclusive fashion show showcased her brand’s latest exclusive new warm weather collection inspired by Miami’s legendary art district, Wynwood. The collection consists of both menswear and womenswear pieces and it is an international and hip luxury line with an upscale ready to wear component, as well as atelier. The launch is set to create an international fashion forward luxury presence and consists of menswear and womenswear pieces.

According to Excella Chong, Organizing Chairperson of IMVAF, said, “Jackie Holliday’s latest collection of ‘Endless Summer’ was outstanding! The color was striking, and the collection has a modern vibe to it like there’s a mixed feeling of futuristic and casual in it. I love it! It will receive good feedbacks from the Asian market. Asians loves striking and funky styles; I am one of them. Therefore, we, the committee of IMVAF, decided that IMVAF will be the perfect platform for Jackie Holliday to showcase her funky, unique and petite-size collection to the Asian market. We are always on the look-out for other deserving and rising fashion designers such as Pyer Moss, Orseund Iris, Tomo Koizumi and many more towards becoming the next big hit like Malaysian-born Jimmy Choo”.

The International Music Video Awards Festival is a tribute to ‘World Peace’ through Music, Film and Fashion, therefore, the IMVAF nominates music videos that gives positive messages. IMVAF is a unique awards show as it nominates music videos that gives positive messages that promotes the 3P’s, which “promotes Protection of humanity”; “gives Positive approach”; and “Provides edutainment”, for example, Jackie Holliday’s collections gives the women the positive approach of being independent, ambitious and fun. Therefore, IMVAF hopes that through a music video we can educate the people.

The IMVAF music video entries will be revolving around the theme of Peace in the world and focus on the friendship between nations. Since fashion is an instant language, therefore, a fashion show will be held during the festival. As an additional feature, the fashion show element and/or themes can be related to fashion for love, environment, charity etc.

As IMVAF 2020 marks Malaysia’s Truly Asia Malaysia 2020 tourism campaign, IMVAF certainly felt it would be a good start to show the world that the relationship cultivated by a diverse race and ethnicity nation has promoted positive change through positive values shared. The festival is being supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC), National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS). IMVAF has entered the Malaysia Book of Records as “The First Malaysia 3D Broadcast International Music Video Awards Festival”.
As to mark this collaboration between Malaysia and the United States of America, Excella Chong, who is also a singer-songwriter, had the opportunity to perform her latest single ‘Broken Heart” produced by Alisam at Jackie Holliday’s VIP New York Fashion Week (NYFW) catwalk show. Excella Chong was the only Malaysian artist to be invited to sing at the NYFW this year. During her performance, Excella Chong wore a specially designed dress by Jackie Holliday which was modest yet elegant and glamorous. It was a stunning performance and dress that complemented each other very well. IMVAF would like to take this opportunity to encourage young and upcoming fashion designers to participate in the International Music Video Awards Festival 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to break into the Asian market.

Jackie Holliday’s latest ‘Endless Summer’ collection made a mark at the New York Fashion Week and is soon to capture the hearts of fashionistas from Asian markets at the International Music Video Awards Festival in Malaysia. You can introduce such awe-inspiring collection in the market for your customers by experimenting with your designs while offering customization. iDesigniBuy’s Apparel Design Software empowers your brand to meet the expectations of millennial fashion-lovers who wear their style statement with custom-created outfits.