A Shoe Improves Children’s Lives by Creating Connections

DALLAS, Sept. 25, 2019 – We live in a world full of communication technology which is meant to advance society. However, many children are lacking social skills. A small Texas-based children’s shoe, the OKIEZ brand, is on a mission to transform early social skills as well as support children in need.


In their new social campaign, OKIEZ connects two children for every purchase of $40 or more. When a parent, relative, or friend buys an OKIEZ product for a child, he or she will have the opportunity to send a letter or drawing to another child in need. OKIEZ will give a charitable donation with the letter or artwork in the sender’s name. In return, the child in need will be able to respond with a thank you letter or drawing of their own. The program will allow children to connect and develop social skills, as well as learn the importance, value, and joy of helping others.


“When children connect through communication and expression, it makes the community stronger and gives hope to every generation.”


OKIEZ products are designed to help all children use their imagination and creativity, while providing a tool that motivates them to dress themselves at the same time. Each shoe has a half of a picture on them, When the shoes are put together, the child can see the complete picture – helping children distinguish their right from left.


OKIEZ t-shirts have designs that help children easily know the front from the back and are designed with graphics that encourage children to express their feelings. Family T-shirts have connecting images and phrases that help parents and children to create stronger bond and connection between them.


Join OKIEZ to help children to build a better world together!


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