We Silver Jewels Brings Social Responsibility into their Supply Chain

Houston: We Silver Jewels, headquartered in Houston with manufacturing units in Thailand, announced this week, that they are now committed to a socially responsible sourcing policy.

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Adopting an attitude of accountability towards their stakeholders, the wholesale silver jewelry company is now imbibing ethical standards into their company’s mission and values and aim to uphold human rights and environmental consciousness in their operations.

Maintaining that responsible sourcing is integral to their company’s culture, Tim Green, Quality Inspection Department Head at We Silver Jewels said, “Our priority is to make our clients happy. However, at the same time, we are committed not to overburdening our employees. We also care for the environment and do not source conflict materials for production of wholesale beads and other types of jewelry. We cannot compromise our ethical stance and our core values for anything. We have adopted the new responsible sourcing and procurement policy keeping in mind the core values that form the rudiments of our business,”

The new sourcing policy also ensures that the company will not procure raw materials from countries where human rights are disregarded, including disputed regions or terrorist-inflicted zones across the globe.

Famous worldwide among its clients for its scratch-free ornaments, Tim reiterates that their stringent quality control is what drives business success for We Silver Jewels. He adds, “Our silver jewelry products have natural elegance. This is because our products are completely free of lead, nickel, and other unsafe minerals. We believe the new responsible sourcing policy will help us rule the roost in this particular market segment.”

We Silver Jewels offers a wide variety of range of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry including beads, charms, earrings, stud earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and fashion jewelry. They also focus on event jewelry and themed jewelry.

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