Sizegem Offers Creative Size Charts For Online Sellers

NOVATO, — Selling items online always presents a challenge because customers are unable to try on clothing, eyeball appliance depth and measure furniture dimensions for proper fit. Sizegem provides e-commerce merchants with a solution to this common problem with its illustrated size charts that provide measurements for a wide array of clothing pieces, footwear, home goods & furniture with industry-leading accuracy.

Sizegem offers more than 200 customizable chart templates in categories such as men’s shirts, blazers, jackets, trousers and jeans; women’s blouses, dresses, blazers, and jeans; unisex sweatshirts and T-shirts; footwear; outerwear; children’s clothing; consumer electronics; kitchen appliances; furniture; and home goods. These charts are a wonderful option for independent sellers offering products for sale on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Poshmark, Mercari and other e-commerce websites. Sizegem is available to online sellers worldwide.

As consumer spending continues to increase online, Sizegem makes it easy for sellers to provide customers with an accurately advertised, quality product. Utilizing Sizegem’s creative charts can result in:

  • Increased sales as customers shop with confidence
  • Limited returns due to accurate information provided before the sale
  • Improved listing appearance

“The need for reliable and trustworthy measurements with online shopping continues to grow,” said Sizegem CEO CT Kenyon. “Size charts are essential for those selling clothing and other goods as users will not buy unless they can be assured that the product will be a right fit.”

Sizegem is compatible with imperial measurements, like inches, feet or pounds or the metric system. Sizegem automatically converts inches into centimeters and adds both measurements to your chart. Size charts can be created and viewed using a desktop, mobile phone, tablet or other mobile devices.

“If you are an online seller, you should sign up now for Sizegem,” commented a satisfied eBay seller. “I noticed an increase in sales and my postings look much more professional. Buyers love visual size charts that are quick and easy to understand.”

Plans are available for all sizing needs and budgets. Prices range from $9/month for clothing size charts to $18/month for all size charts. Sizegem is also offering a free trial plan with 27 template designs.

As clothing and apparels industry turns smart and well equipped technologically, more and more online sellers and fashion brands are incorporating customizable and personalized features for buyers on their platforms. Like Sizegem’s creative size charts, idesigniBuy also offers a wide range of customization solutions dedicated to apparel and clothing accessories that enable buyers to select their own patterns and designs along with a feeling of wearing tailored products.

Source: PR Newswire