What small brands can do during the pandemic?

SÃO PAULO: The new Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the economy in 2020. Losses in the most affected areas, such as tourism, are estimated to exceed $ 3 billion this year. Since March, most of the European and Latin countries have been living with the closing of trade due to the quarantine.


Janome knows that nothing will be as it was in this global crisis. And you also know that changes in society, in the way people consume and produce can be beneficial for everyone. A global leader in the domestic sewing machine segment, the company lists a series of recommendations for entrepreneurs, tailors, atelier and small business owners who are undergoing a moment of restructuring.


The impossibility of selling clothes in person can start the digital transformation. According to Google research, e-commerce should arrive in 2021 with an average growth of 12.4% per year since 2016. It is a 9.5% share in total commerce. For the fashion and clothing sector, online sales already represent a good part of the market and are accompanied by challenges that can be solved at this time.


The main one is to make a full range of clothes available to consumers via the internet and enable an extremely personalized experience. A champion ecommerce must have colors, measurements, illustrative photos and clarity regarding delivery times. New technologies also allow consumers to “taste” clothes without leaving home, using virtual reality. Betting on technologies like this can guarantee a good number of sales.


Another challenge is home office production. Janome’s century-old history shows that sewing can be done at home without problems. Just organization: having different types of fabric, yarns and threads can help when taking orders. The company’s domestic sewing machines have compaction and automation that facilitate repetitive tasks within sewing and help the role of the seamstress.


Anyone who sees the crisis as a possibility to undertake can benefit from the possibilities that Janome machines bring. It is possible to embroider on various fabrics, such as normal, double and embroidered fabrics. It is also possible to offer customization, repair and repair services on clothes without leaving your home. The tip is to start in the neighborhood and use social networks, with Facebook and Instagram pages, to spread the word and get more followers – or better, customers. Instant messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Telegram, can be powerful tools for organizing and fulfilling orders.


SEBRAE is an ally of the small, medium and large entrepreneur. The time at home can be used to take the various courses available for free on the platform. Within the sewing sector, “How to set up a sewing studio” and “Financial management for small businesses” are titles that can help small entrepreneurs to make better use of downtime.


Janome reaffirms its commitment to WHO health recommendations and has been adopting e-commerce for a long time. At this time, the company maintains hygiene and social distance practices among workers who are at the front of the company at that time. This is a duty not only for one company, but for everyone in tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.


Opting tech-driven ways to do the business is need of an hour. To cater the needs, ecommerce is the best option. Offering apparels online is something which is going to give the organizations tremendous growth amid pandemic. Moreover, online retailers can offer customization of apparels and meet modern customer needs. iDesigniBuy in this segment offers advance apparel design software that can help our client’s in offering custom apparels to their customers.


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Source: PR Newswire