Soft Rebels in the Global Brand Directory

Soft Rebels design easy-to-wear everyday essentials with a graphic and minimalist touch derived from their Scandinavian heritage. They pay tribute to a rebellious adaptation towards fashion adding, sophistication for a nonchalant, casual and effortless chic look. Every collection consists of contemporary fashion pieces inspired by seasonal trends and color palettes, interpreted to fit the universe of Soft Rebels. Signature pieces such as their wide range of tops and dresses permeate every collection as well as their soft and classic basics and knits. They love to experiment and constantly explore new materials making sure that each style has the right texture, feel and comfort.


“When keeping our end-users wardrobe up-to-date, we are always reflecting latest trends when delivering fashion. Furthermore, it is significant for us to create balance among quality, cost and price – our fashion should be affordable to everyone.” Says CEO, Marianne Brinkmann.


Sustainability is the cornerstone

Soft Rebels continuously seek to improve and challenge themselves in the designs and improve internal procedures and production methods. Soft Rebels is designed in Denmark and produced at their own production facility in China. This enables them to fully monitor and administrate their supply chain in depth.


Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly rooted in Soft Rebels’ business approach and values. Responsible behavior and promotion of social improvements are key focuses throughout their supply chain.


CEO, Marianne Brinkmann says: “We strongly believe in the value of ethical business practices and use them as guiding principles in both supplier and customer relations. And with sustainability as one of our cornerstones, we want to be more transparent and make it easier also for our end-users to navigate through the sustainable jungle”.


The ECOsistible hangtag

As the awareness of sustainable fabrics grow and the word ‘sustainable’ is spinning differently, Soft Rebels makes sure that their end-users are making a right choice with their purchase, by helping them know their fabrics and certifications with their new ECOsistible hangtag.


Soft Rebels’ sustainable styles can be recognized by an extra hangtag marked ECOsistible that is the end-users guarantee for a product that is made from sustainable materials which contains fewer chemicals and has been produced with a minimal impact under high social standards.


CEO, Marianne Brinkmann tells why Soft Rebels have chosen to make this new ECOsistible hangtag: “We want to appear transparent in what we do because we know that is what the end-users demand, and by presenting this new recognizable hangtag, we not only provide the end-users with more information, but we also encourage an ecofriendly mindset so we, our clothes and planet stay ECOsistible.”



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