Startup Launches Car-Theme Inspired Apparel and Mobile Phone Case

BALTIMORE, Nov. 18, 2019/ — Revvify recently announced the launch of its company and website, replete with new mobile phone cases and apparel sporting a range of car-inspired themes, colors and designs. Created by 28-year-old Randolph Barnes, Revvify supplies on-demand printed merchandise for car aficionados worldwide. Barnes is currently celebrating the company launch with a 10-percent-off coupon for those who visit and purchase from the site.


“I’m absolutely thrilled for Revvify to go live,” said Barnes. “I’m a huge fan of car themes, of course, and that formed the core of my original design offerings. But as the company grows, I’ll be including dozens of new themes and designs from popular culture, memes, etc. Stop by and check out what we’ve got going on, and drop us a message. What would you like to see on your next mobile phone case or T-shirt? We’re always happy to take suggestions.”

Apple Mobile and Samsung Mobile Cases

Revvify carries a variety of mobile case designs, including:

  • PRDNL: Multiple “Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low” colors and themes.
  • R is for RACE themes.
  • Rainbow and Black and White Coupes.
  • #SaveTheManuals
  • Rainbow car designs.

Car-Themed Apparel for Men and Women

Printed on-demand, Revvify also produces men’s and women’s shirts in all sizes. Some designs include:

  • #SaveTheManuals Fitted Short Sleeve Tees
  • Men’s Rainbow Car Print Fitted Short Sleeve Tees
  • #SaveTheManuals The Boyfriend Tee
  • Women’s Rainbow Mix The Boyfriend Tee

Mobile Phone Case Importance

Cell-phone producers do not include cases with phone purchases, and mobile phone cases are used for multiple reasons: the most important being to provide the protection needed to keep mobile phones looking new and working well. Cases are often generic in color and design, though many people enjoy the ability to select and purchase bespoke looks for their mobile devices.

Most mobile-phone cases are crafted from plastic, as the material is inexpensive yet durable. These cases also allow for a large range of designs and colors to suit their owners’ tastes, while also easy to install and remove. Users can change cases as frequently as they desire, and many users opt for multiple cases to suit their particular fashion or mood; as well as follow celebrity fashions, seasonal themes or particular personal interests. Polyurethane allows for mobile phone cases to be fashioned in either hard or soft style, with molded plastics used for raised patterns and easy recyclability.

Similar materials, like silicone, are even more shock-resistant, utilizing their gel-like structure to good advantage. While other more expensive and limited-run cases use natural materials like leather, natural or patent, as well as carbon fiber and metal in their construction. These particular cases are usually stronger and longer lasting, though they often carry a larger price tag to reflect the costly materials used in their construction.

Revvify excellently exemplifies the significance of customers’ preferences, whether it is accessories or apparel. Numerous other established and budding brands are offering customization to their customers to add value. Customization is a trend that can never go out of fashion, as customers always have new ideas they want to try out. Your apparel brand can also leverage the power of customization and be a part of this customer-centric revolution using iDesigniBuy’s Apparel Design Software. Contact experts to learn more.