UK’s Lone Design Club Doubles Down on Sustainable Message

August 12 2020– Lone Design Club is launching the sustainable summer sale and events series with a month-long pop-up store in Covent Garden, which will not just be about selling designer deadstock but also to help educate customers, designers and the industry on the state of sustainability within the fashion world.

The sustainable sale pop-up store on Long Acre will highlight sustainable issues and encourage conscious consumerism, in a bid to establish the “new normal,” explains the Lone Design Club, while also helping small, independent brands offer customers affordable, sustainable and ethical pieces.

Customers will be able to shop the collections of more than 20 womenswear, accessories and lifestyle brands, with labels offering exclusive discounted archive pieces, samples, one-offs, and end of line pieces that the Lone Design Club states are “currently sitting in our designer’s studios”.

The sale will sit alongside a number of sustainable initiatives such as the SwapChain programme with the Global Fashion Exchange, Common Objectives Sustainable Round Table, upcycling workshops, green material labs and digital open designer studio events.

Lone Design Club, added: “We would hate to see these go to waste, left unloved or worse – landfill. So we have decided to help, this will allow customers to nab a bargain whilst helping our brands keep conscious with their stock.”

Lone Design Club opens ‘Sustainable Sale’ pop-up in London

Generally not one for traditional discounting, Lone Design Club has spent the past month listening to its designers, and with fashion sales down across both e-commerce and retail, it states that brands are struggling, big and small, and with orders cancelled and brands not wanting to pass the buck to their factories, there are huge issues around too much stock.

“It has been inspirational to see the huge shift in attitudes in our society,” said Lone Design Club, chief executive, Rebecca Morter. “People are ready for a new approach and are willing to take action, to stand together and take responsibility. They are becoming much more conscious of their effect on the world and how we have the power in our hands to create real change. Not just customers but brands too.”

Morter added: “We are seeing designers reflect on already small production drops and move to an even slower, more on-demand fashion model. We are seeing an increase in upcycling and in brands collaborating to turn old stock into new.

“At Lone Design Club, we understand that any sustainable change starts from within. We are reflecting on our company mission, doubling down on our sustainable values and making changes to our company manifesto to further support sustainability, ethics and diversity through our actions and content output.

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Source- FashionUnited