Wave Company Develops Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit ‘WaveWear’

SEOUL, South Korea, November 19, 2019  – Wave Company, a sports garment technology company based in South Korea, has developed EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) suit – WaveWear.


The company has developed the world’s first performance wear using genuine kinesiology taping of WaveWear. You can experience the advantages of kinesiology taping and compression wear by just wearing the garments.


Wave Company’s WaveWear drastically reduces muscle fatigue while WaveWear’s proprietary BWAS™, the bio waved adhesive silicone, closely aligns and adheres to the human skin to provide similar effects of conventional kinesiology taping that is used prominently by athletes. It is used for physical therapy for various effects such as pain-reducing, posture correcting, performance-enhancing, injury prevention and more.


WaveWear combines the advantages of kinesiology taping compression wear into one unified product. The compression provided by WaveWear has been optimized to maximize blood flow while minimizing muscle vibration to help reduce fatigue. Based on clinical tests, WaveWear reduces muscle fatigue as much as 35% compared to other normal compression wear and bears in watered conditions which is much better than conventional kinesiology taping.


Currently, the company is developing a new type of the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) functional garment. The EMS wear is a wearable suit that utilizes modulated mid and low frequency current during exercise. It uses carrier frequency to enable muscles to work out, not affecting the joints. This is one of the core technologies of VR haptic tactile wearables.


This EMS suit integrated with WaveWear’s conductive ElecSil™ (Electronic Bio-Silicone) technology to be involved in various industries and that could be used for various wearable technology fields such as ICT, VR, AR, MR, XR, medical smart clothing, and the daily wearables.


EMS technology is one of the very latest and hottest sectors in the global market. The price of EMS apparel brands on the market is high, while Wave Company is aiming to popularize the EMS functional clothing at a low price. The company’s goal is to introduce EMS apparel to more people at a reasonable price by simplifying the design and adjusting its essential functions. WaveWear captures the hearts of consumers by selecting essential functional features at a more affordable price and making differences with other EMS apparel.


The WaveWear clothing will be launched on Kickstarter, the World’s biggest crowdfunding platform, in January 2020.


Technology is empowering all industries, and the apparel industry is not an exception. As Wave Company is going to launch WaveWear in January 2020, you can also add an edge of technology to your online business by integrating the latest apparel design software by iDesigniBuy.