Wellington Rose Creates Custom Handbags For Every Woman

Entertainment entrepreneur and blogger, Laura Wellington, has launched a new venture. Called, “Wellington Rose Custom Handbags”, women everywhere can now design their own unique handbags, celebrating the preferences and individuality of every woman.

The concept arose from Wellington’s own desire for a handbag that met all of her handbag needs. “After 53 years of searching, I finally gave up and designed the perfect handbag for me. Women everywhere were coming up to me asking to share where I purchased my handbag. I finally agreed to take orders. The rest is history.”

As Wellington believes that ‘no two women should have the same handbag as no two women are the same’, Wellington interviews each new customer, herself. From these interviews, the one-of-a-kind handbags are born.

I fell in love with my new bag.  Unexpectedly, however, I’d quickly learn that countless other women would too.  They’d come up to me on the street, at the grocery store, and in the airport complimenting me and questioning, “Where’d you get that bag?”  Requests began pouring in for one just like it.  I began to take orders but not for my bag but custom orders for handbags that reflected each individual woman and her own needs.  So many had been struggling with the same issues I had been.

I believe no two women should have the same handbag.  Our handbags should be as individual as we are — “Works of Art” as unique as the women who carry them.  I design my handbags to reflect this belief.  Or should I say, we design it together.

The success of Wellington Rose Custom Handbags continues to flourish, especially as Valentine’s Day nears. “How better to let the woman in your life know you love and appreciate her than through a handbag that reflects her individuality, uniqueness and specialness?” says Wellington.

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