Online Apparel Design Software: A Step Towards Sustainability

For many decades, people have come and gone, wrote about dying haute couture trend in the fashion industry, but here it stands as firmly as ever before. Though it is agreeable that for a long time, custom-fit clothes were a luxury available only to the affluent community. But as time changed, people paying capacity and awareness increased, resulting in more demand for customization clothes. The online apparel design software offers similar customization solutions to brands that help them to stay relevant in the market forever.


How Customized Clothes Give an Edge Above the Other Trends?


Maria Grazia Chiuri, designer, Dior, has been high acclaimed for Spring/Summer 2018 haute couture show, an ode to surrealism, as central to the brand’s “remarkable performance.” It is a widely accepted fact that the label received modest revenue in comparison to its more lucrative beauty and fragrance lines. But it is noteworthy that its custom apparel is profitable in its way. It sets new trends as a great deal of research and development has gone into fabric and technological innovation, and reinforces the brand’s legacy of craftsmanship.



Let’s understand why so many bigwigs of the fashion industry are after apparel customization:


  • Garners Huge Margins


Customization is only space in the fashion industry that stays in touch with the lives and needs of its consumers. Even they reciprocate the behavior by willing to pay premium prices of the haute couture. The made-to-order clothes are not just outfits; they are the symbol of luxury, and people crave it. Gucci churns out $870 sneakers and $4,200 jogging jackets with extraordinary profit margins; some high-spending clients are beginning to look at haute couture as more bang for their buck.

Ulla Parker, a well know fashion icon, believes the prices of ready-made clothes are already so high that people prefer buying customized garments. It gives satisfaction to the people who would rather spend a handsome amount on personalized clothes that show their creativity; instead of buying from designers. The fashionista was quoted saying, “The prices of ready-to-wear gowns are so staggeringly high that the margin between ready-to-wear and haute couture isn’t that wide anymore.”  Debra Lee, former chairwoman of Black Entertainment Television, thinks customization is a practical tool as it helps her to wear sturdy clothes representing her personality. Besides, there is an industry of haute couture personal shoppers like Fay Ricotta, who are in constant search for clothing that fits their wealthy clients and won’t find a twin.

  • Empowers Creativity


The Haute Couture is the only business model in the fashion industry that pushes people to be creative and enables them with freedom. Designers in the big fashion houses feel it is a place where you can be free in terms of there’s no commerciality. The clothing software allows customers of fashion brands a platform where they can discover new fashion sense by wearing what they like.

The variety of strategies suggests that haute couture is rich with possibilities — offering a more defined audience and an obvious elite distinction for designers. The opportunity is mainly due to the prowess of France’s Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. Couture’s organizing body has selectively expanded the craft and created a buzz. Givenchy, having re-entered the haute couture business with designer Clare Waight Keller last year.

  • Breaks down Barriers


Those who are still reluctant to embrace the changing trend of customization should look up to labels, like Dolce Gabbana, whose Alta Moda- the practice of hand-made custom women’s wear. It is the perfect example of what happens when breaking the barrier between customers and the organization. The brand sparked a publicity debacle last year before an Alta Moda show in China. But while East Asian department stores and many Chinese ready-to-wear and cosmetics customers pulled back, the house’s Alta Moda clients showed no inclination to move on. Its impact was so immense that some of the Alta Moda clients, once hooked on the made-to-order approach, quickly started ordering off-menu, requesting pajamas and day wear.



The bottom line of the blog is that it high time brands incorporate customization in their business models. Not only is it inevitable on the professional level, but it is also a much-needed step for Sustainability. The recent outbreak of the pandemic has shown that the world could be halted for many months. It has also demonstrated an alternative to online customization solutions that won’t disrupt the supply chain, create was consumers want, and employ the local workforce. The online clothes software by iDesigniBuy offers a similar set of support to brands, and it is a step towards achieving these goals.

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