Online Shoe Design Software Boosting Luxury Market During Adversities

Finding the right pair of footwear that isn’t too small nor big, and is comfortable to get through the entire day is sometimes overwhelming. It is even more challenging if some have a flat fleet. But customization makes it possible to own a perfect pair of shoes, fulfill the basic needs of shoes, and also enable buyers to show their swag. The online shoe design software offers customization solutions on similar lines to brands so that they can provide a platform for their customers to be who they are.



How Shoe Designing Tool offers Win-Win Opportunities?


Gone are the days when you had only one or two choices for running shoes. Now when people would walk into a store or shop online. These days it’s not uncommon to be matched with several brands and styles to fit their particular needs. With so many different features, styles, and price ranges, it’s worth checking out a variety of shoes before settling on the pair customers want to buy.




Let’s understand the significance of customized shoes in the ever-changing landscape:

  • Comfort — the ultimate goal


People want shoes for running, work, festivals, casual outings, and many more. These days they are not merely a luxury; instead, they have become the necessity. Therefore, regardless of the category of shoe, the ultimate goal is comfort, and it becomes even more essential if buyers are looking for footwear. Doctors also recommend wearing a particular kind of footwear if patients have problems and need orthotics in shoes. Customization solves these problems as your brand needs to offer a chance to customers where they can buy custom orthotics. These shoes are made specifically for their issue or off-the-shelf brands that are more generic but often less expensive.

  • Combine Fashion with Work 


People love fashion but hate painful shoes. When they wear funky, stylish footwear to work, they are generally bombarded with questions, like “Who are you wearing?” The answer to this question would always be a high-end brand, but what if customers can design their footwear and combine it with fashion.


A Minneapolis brand owner Marion Parke‘s started her shoe business after she realized how fashion could be combined with work and comfort. She started practicing of shoe production, she heard them all, four years ago leaving her Twin Cities podiatry clinic to make shoes combining art and science.  Her Parke’s shoes are made in the same Italian factories as the world’s most famous shoes—like Gucci, Prada, and Jimmy Choo, but with one significant difference. The footwears are as functional as they are fashionable, with medical-grade cushioning often used in prosthetics, and her patented insoles that give stability and arch support she says is the key to comfort.

  • Bring in Famous Personalities


Even when we are living in the customization zone, sports personalities have an immense influence on what we wear and what clothes to discard. They are the significant source of turning customer’s loyalty towards brands. Therefore, recently, Jalen Green is announced to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. He is just another 18-year-old coming to terms with the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has robbed him of senior-year hallmarks: prom, graduation, the McDonald’s All-American Game. The big custom-made shoe companies, like Adidas and Hub Footwear, are looking for opportunities to lure him with lucrative contracts. The customization solutions by footwear design software help businesses to gain traction from these famous personalities and thereby, increase your consumer base.

  • Saves Local Businesses


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing many small businesses around the world to keep their stores are shut. Vans, once a small company too, announced it would be supporting 80 of its small business partners through its “Foot the Bill” initiative. Making the most of the Vans Customs platform, Vans invited 80 businesses – which include skate and specialty shops, restaurants, music venues, and community-driven spaces – to design their pattern to promote their businesses. Each can be available in the Classic Slip-on or Era sneakers.

Steve Van Doren, Vans’ Vice President of Events and Promotions, says, “My father Paul Van Doren always said that we were a people company that made shoes. Now, more than ever, it’s important to support the people that provide spaces for communities around the world to be creative and come together. We were once a small business and wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of these partners. We hope to rally together with our consumers to lend a helping hand to those that are in need.”

Towards the end, the intention of writing the blog was to impart the importance of customization and personal services among the leading shoe selling brands. These days, consumers want transparent relationships with companies more than anything else. They are willing to pay premium prices for the personal retail environment. The online shoe design software by iDesigniBuy offers winning chances to the brands who are eager to serve their customers personally and thrive in the market.

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