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Sales Katalyst

Increase the effectiveness of your Sales team through Sales Katalyst. Sales Katalyst digitizes your physical catalog and seamlessly integrates with Apparel Magic. It enables your Sales Associates to better collaborate with customers thereby increasing their Sales. It enables:

  • -Customers to rate your styles
  • -Customers to instantly place orders
  • -Sales Associates to track Sales history by customer
  • -Sales Associates or Management to dynamically rebuild the catalog as new SKU’s are created
  • -Sales Associates to build custom catalogs for individual customers

Katalyst Sales is compatible with virtually any device from a PC or Mac to a tablet or mobile phone.

For more information or if you would like to order Sales Katalyst please complete this request for information. For faster service please call us at +1 630 796 0282.



ApparelMagic already links with many of your favorite sales channels. Katalyst can help you expand that reach, with integrations to major retailers, WooCommerce and Magento webstores and more. Learn More