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iDesigniBuy has successfully implemented its apparel design software on numerous website of leading tailoring stores/companies, thereby making online shirt designing simple and fun for the end customers.

For tailoring businesses, it allows to set up products with available style, fabric, and accent which can be personalized using visual design editor.

Styles include collars, cuffs, sleeves, pocket, placket, pleats, etc which are pre-defined templates making it easy for the customer to personalize them. Fabric library is pre-defined template managed from the admin panel to apply on a shirt to visualize. An accent is a distinctive way to add monograms, cuffs, threads. For end users, it offers very clear and easy user interface that even a novice can operate to create great looking shirt within minutes.

In addition to this, the fashion design software supports multiple currencies and languages like English, Arabic, German, French etc.

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Shirt Design Tool Solutions
Our intellectual tools with complete customization features have enticed many customers towards us and it is a certain thing that it would attract even more clients towards us.
  • We develop fully customized shirt designer tool solution as per business needs.
  • We offer complete tailoring e-commerce store front integrated with shirt designer tool.
  • Designer tool built on Javascript/HTML5 that runs on all devices and platforms.
  • Pre-loaded styles, fabrics and accents.
  • No revenue sharing, no commission-Available on lifetime license.
  • Detailed user manual and training videos.
  • 30 Days warranty with free support. Paid support available on easy AMC plans.
  • Shirt Design Tool Features
    Our features, T-shirt designing software allows user to personalize Shirt with text, image & templates.
    • Mobile Responsive layout

      • Work on all standard Screen size
      • Consistent user experience across all devices
      product image
    • Localize in any Language

      • Localize in any language & Currencies
      • Support multi-store, multi-language
      product image
    • Preview

      • Front view
      • Diagonal view
      • Back view
      • Folded view
      • Collar view
      product image
    • Multiple style

      • Multiple style options
      product image
    • Each style has multiple option to select.

      • For example collar style has
      product image
    • Fabric library

      • Add/Delete/Edit Fabric with price.
      • Fabric Inventory management
      product image
    • Cuff style

      • Cuff style has following options
      product image
    • Sleeves style

      • Sleeves style has following options
      product image
    • Fit style

      • Fit style has following options
      product image
    • Pocket style

      • Pocket style has following options
      product image
    • Plackets style

      • Plackets style has following options
      product image
    • Pleats style

      • Pleats style has following options
      product image
    • Bottom style

      • Bottom style has following options
      product image
    • Accent- Chest Pleats

      • Apply chest pleats to shirt.
      product image
    • Accent- Cuffs

      • Apply various cuff style accent to shirt.
      product image
    • Accent- Monogram

      • Add/Delete/Edit fonts of Monogram.
      • Apply color to monogram.
      product image
    • Thread-Library

      • Add/Delete/Edit thread colors.
      product image
    • Accent- collar Style

      • Apply different collar style accent to shirt
      product image
    • Formal and Causal mode

      • Formal
      • Causal
      product image
    • Order

      • Selected Fabric, body measurement, preview of shirt, selected all attributes of styles. Monograms, Price, Quantity.
      product image
    • Size/Measurement

      • Custom size input Selection of standard size i.e. S, M and L.
      product image
    • Zoom In/Zoom Out

      • Zoom In/Zoom Out.
      product image
    • Size/Measurement

      • Custom size input.
      product image
    • Fabric Filter

      • Select fabric of your choice by applying different filter parameters.
      product image
    • Fabric Zoom

      • Mouse hover on selected fabric to view zoom in of the fabric.
      product image
    • Accent- Elbow Patch

      • Select the different elbow patch for applying on Shirt.
      • Select the fabric for applied elbow patch.
      product image
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    Embracing Shirt Design Customization
    IDesigniBuy offers a dynamic apparel shirt design tool for creating an excellent customizable shirt of your choice by selecting numerous options provided by our integrated shirt customization tool. We comprehend our customers' significant work and their needs and requisites. Thus, we ensure our best efforts to design and develop excellent customizable shirt software integrated with dynamic aspects of e-commerce platforms that make you earn high revenues and profits. An easy-to-use shirt designing tool is pleasant, adaptable and convenient to access with another web platform.
    How Shirt Design Tool Works
    IDesigniBuy an apparel design software works effectively and creates customized shirts for business needs. Our integrated shirt design software tool offers a huge range of options to make shirts with a simpler process and easy to use. After understanding our client's perspective, we not only took into consideration their current business structure but also looked forward to scalability.
    We endeavour to serve our clients to our capabilities and develop an innovative solution to personalize your shirt with our advanced shirt design tool.
    Versatile Solution for Customized Shirt Design Tool
    IDesigniBuy provides a useful and dynamic video for you to understand and integrate shirt design tools into your website to achieve the goals and success of your business. Shirt design tool videos are good for tailoring businesses that allow you to set up products with available features in creating customized shirts, including style, fonts, color, fabric, and accent, which can be personalized using a visual design editor.
    We believe in delivering flawless output results. For more information related to the customized shirt design tool, contact IDesigniBuy, which provides complete details about the product and enables you to integrate it with your website.
    Support is FREE for 30 days!! And is managed with tickets for better convenience. LifeChat is available. In case of emergency, call/email/text/IM us anytime in the 365(24x7) days of the year and we will answer
    Yes, we will get in touch with you once you will contact us to get started with tool.
    We send you a few emails with all details of your purchase. Ask you provide an access of web-portal for integration.
    IDesigniBuy is brand, developed and maintained by 75+professions. We have been in business since 2008 and trusted by more than 200+ customers around the world.
    Yes-At 25 USD per hour. We accept code customization and custom development. The price varies depending on the nature of modification, complexity and man hours used.
    Idesignibuy offers totally hosted solution. That means all the files will be put in your server. Only Javascript files of designer tool is encrypted. All other files are open and you can make any changes as per your need.
    Integration of tool done by iDesigniBuy technical team. Team required back up of store to integrate the tool on beta mode for testing.
    Yes, you can load your fabric, fonts. We will provide fabric image creation criteria for uploading.
    Yes, to all languages. IDesigniBuy support all currencies. You may ask what changes to theme is required to iDesigniBuy tech team or you can do it yourself.
    You may request to iDesigniBuy support team at the time of purchase.
    You can view the customized order under the section of sales/order of admin panel of store. It defines selected fabric, collar, cuff, sleeves, fit, pocket, plackets, pleats, bottom, thread, monogram, Body measurement, quantity and price.
    IDesigniBuy provide this feature upon request at admin panel as it required some technical requirement of image creation.
    Currently this feature is not available in the tool but upon special request it would be developed.