Top-3 Ways to Navigate Your Apparel Business with Tailoring Software

Last year we have seen how shopping and shoppers’ behavior have changed, and massive lockdowns in the entire world accelerated the changing dynamics of doing business in the fashion industry. These closures, though temporary, have caused a permanent shift in the sector. As a result, we can see consumers are flocking towards online marketplaces and ecommerce. The brands, too, had to follow their customers and establish and expand their online presence. Helping these brands to propel their ecommerce business is our tailoring solution software. The customization software enables fashion houses to let their customers decide what type of clothes they want to wear and how they should be designed. This entire process is performed online that aids your buyers to browse through the e-catalog anytime and anywhere.   

Tailoring Software Offers Solutions to Boost Online Apparel Sales 

These days when customers are showing reluctance to shop from brick-and-mortar stores, brands must need to adopt strategies that help them scale up their business. Therefore, resale companies that enable consumers to offload unwanted clothing are booming, thanks to technology that makes it easy for consumers to buy and sell items. Now, entrepreneurs are hoping to do the same thing for materials that didn’t get made into clothes at all. And hence comes the technology into the picture. The latest innovations in the fashion industry offer various opportunities to the fashion houses to explore more and spur their revenues.  

Let us dive in to see what are the strategies adopted by the other brands and how they can inspire others: 

  1. Linking Offline with Online  

Now that most stringent lockdowns around the world are unlocking, it is understandable that regaining profits from reopening stores won’t be possible. In these circumstances, only going offline can save brands. Online channels have spent lockdown offering easy access to a seemingly unlimited range of products. Consumers won’t simply forget how easy it is to peruse a variety of lines and prices from the comfort of their own home. Recent research found that two in five shoppers expect to shop online more frequently, even after lockdown ends.  

Recent ChannelAdvisor research conducted between UK lockdowns found that 45 percent of consumers were researching online more frequently before buying the product in-store. Now, as consumers are inclined towards shopping online, fashion brands shouldn’t deprive them of experiencing it. In fact, many leading companies are offering online rental services. One name pioneering in this field is H&M that recently launched its online rental suits for consumers. The fashion house initiative is expected to help gentleman on the job hunt called “It’s One/Second/Suit,” a new suit rental service. Customers can rent a suit completely free for 24 hours. 

The step taken is applauded by many as it promotes both online services and helps people achieve their dream. Similarly, ourdigital tailoring software enables apparel manufacturers and retailers to capitalize on the latest digital solutions and ramp up their sales. 

  • Leveraging on the Fashion-tech Companies  

These days as people are advancing and their choices are becoming bolder, they opt to buy products from companies that are more tech—friendly. As a result, start-ups are coming up to make it easier for brands to sell their products. Also, these new breeds of companies enable companies to sell unused deadstock materials and fabrics with ease. Here is an example of Queen of Raw, a three-year-old marketplace with thousands of buyers and sellers globally, enables users to list, sell and buy deadstock materials. To date, it’s worked with companies, includingLVMHCartier, and H&M. And lockdown was imposed, these brands were quick to realize the significance of the fashion–tech and IT companies. Designer Emily Bode, working with Microsoft, developed a way to catalog and identify old quilt patterns using computer vision.  

  • Capitalizing on the Latest IT Solutions  

Brands have decided to go online, and customers are demanding the same from them, so it is imperative for companies to offer services to their buyers that make them shop more. Technology seems to have an answer for this, too, and provides solutions that will enable them to enhance customer experience. Thus, attracting many companies to implement them on their website and see it making wonders for their sales. Recently, Burberry launched an augmented reality experience allowing its customers to design the products they wish to buy from the company. And the most incredible part of designing products is that it is performed in 3d, making it even more special for their buyers.  

Likewise, the Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo is transforming its sustainable policies using technology with a ‘Sustainable Thinking’ online platform that will “host, cultivate and amplify discussions” about sustainability, inclusivity, and community support.  

Make an Informed Decision-  

In the last year, circumstances around us have prepared us to accommodate online shopping, and as people embrace it with open arms, the apparel brands must make their move quickly. Since this behavior will continue to spur in the coming days, it is essential that brands realize that this helps them kill two birds with one arrow. Environment policy and technological advancement go hand-in-hand and boost your sales. On a similar ground, the online tailoring software by iDesigniBuy offers ground-breaking online customization solutions to apparel fashion houses that enable them to reach new heights in the fashion industry. 

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