Tips to overcome web to print business model problems

Web to print technology is available in the market from past few years. So, there is some uncertainty and dithering between the printing entrepreneurs and eCommerce players for opting online product designer. This is fundamentally important because various other vendors are offering this solution having various changes in this technology. Some of the service providers sell software packages on high prices while some offer SaaS-the based solution on high rates. This creates confusion among the printers before making a final choice.


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But indulging in an above-mentioned problem is not the only one, there is two more fundamental problem that are the actual reasons why web to print business is not in the mainstream even after such a technological revolution.


In this blog we will understand about the problems and its solutions to overcome the same:


• Technological Hurdle: The worst part is, not all web to print that are available in the market are straightly easy to use. Several of them involve a steep learning curve, and therefore, it is important to have a major road block for offline printing business who is a beginner in this technology. Moreover, the sales professional in such companies are highly reluctant to learn web to print technology. So, they are very much concerned about printing and increasing sales revenue based on the way it’s getting done. This creates some major issues that make the business owner worried or wondered about investing in such web to print solution or to go ahead for expansion of a business.


• Investment Hurdle: No one likes to buy for the solution for the sake of that. When return on investment is simply not mentioned by technology providers, nor accepted by business opting this technology, it is pretty much difficult for the business to put money in such technology Opting web to print simply means one has to invest the huge amount of money and resources and that can even change business process critically. And entrepreneurs or business owners were simply not going to invest if they won’t get ROI from it.


To overcome the hurdles those are mentioned above one need to strongly focus on some essential points. Look whether one has done the required stuff or not before moving ahead with an online web to print solution.


1. Read the features: Know about complete features that are being provided by the software. And also match the exact requirement that your business has and is your software fits with it.


2. Know the fees: Don’t go for the solution for which you have confusion with rates or costs and that costs are not mentioned properly on the website. Enlist the providers who are upfront when it comes to charging for the solutions.


3. Get a demo: A live demo of the solution is crucial for you before purchasing the software. Simply say no, to the providers who don’t offer a demo of the software. After getting the demo, you will get an out frame about working the software.


4. Stay away from fraudsters: There are vendors who offer editing software solutions on the name of the web to print and coax you in investing thousands of dollars for a lifetime. When you initiate the use of the software, you will get to know that it has no worth in using. Save yourself from such scammers.


5. User-friendly interface: It will take less than a week about the web to print software that you have purchased. It must acknowledge the primary language of print. If you think that it is highly complicated to use, it is not at all a good idea to invest in such software.


6. Align the process: If you are opting web to print, one should not modify the business process to develop the new system to work. The latest technology will not give output with old systems and processes.


7. Assured and proper training: You must give proper training to your operational team before purchasing the software or any solution. The training shall be provided by the technology officer or by own also. Be cautious about the involvement of its cost.


When it comes for selecting an online web to print solution for business, selecting the one from various is very crucial. It is essential to have a basic overview of a web to print software and how it will help the one in the business. Be very assured, that one can buy a solution by which one can actively support and manage online printing work.