3D Customization – A New Trend in Fashion Industry

The role of 3D printing and apparel customization in fashion is constantly evolving, in which there has been a significant increase in the interest and recognition of technology from designers. Everyone is viewing this tremendous growth as a good sign for the entire fashion spectrum in all the verticals right from right to low-end fashion along with numerous fashion software.

Components creating impact on Apparel Customization

One of the main factors is awareness and education. Various apparel enterprises are integrating 3D apparel design software to offer high-end customization and design as per the customer’s likings. The first was a traditional method known as high fashion, so the notion that fashion and apparel enterprises are adopting these innovative techniques is an encouraging move.


Presenting 3D techniques and software for all the parties involved in the creation of new generation designers, and fashion creation, naturally, there is a gradual and ongoing process, and it is creating good impact over the industry. It can explain why there is a change in the industry, perhaps, not immediately in mainstream fashion obviously, but there is a possibility of not being so far in the future.


Benefits of 3D technology based printing and customization:

3D printing and customization software allow the online apparel enterprises to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of design, allowing them to convert some of the most challenging concepts of designs into reality. We see a development in conventional fabric production methods, such as pattern-cutting and fabric cloth rendering, growing 3-dimensionally.


Digitally-built materials are presenting huge possibilities in terms of sophisticated physical properties, especially being able to embed in one of the defined areas of textile. For example, you can create a special fabric which is waterproof, opaque, flexible, or rigid, and then combines these elements, which means that these components can be there in single apparel.


The vast opportunity for personalization, which is another significant advantage for the fashion lovers’ offered by industry. To fit the shape and curvature of each part of the body, the apparel can now be made to allow the right personality. This ability will allow 3D printing in other areas of fashion, such as for leisure and sports, and potentially branch for medical care. As it is a new domain, we still need to challenge ourselves to adopt this new design freedom to visualize the next steps and to open up our new front.


Material development adopts 3D printing along with fashion design software:

Development of material is an important element in accelerating the adoption of technology within fashion design software, and in this respect, the design community is very interested. At iDesigniBuy, we develop end to end fashion design software that caters the new era needs of the fashion industry and helps apparel enterprise in getting an edge in the competition.


It is indeed a fact that we are continuously researching more advanced opportunities in terms of materials, colors, textures, and images, and hence, the variety of fashion design software is constantly evolving. Certain important milestones have been achieved in this area, especially the introduction of various new apparel based customization software. It’s the world’s full color, multi-content 3D software.


Customization directly on apparels:

This year, we have come with various new 3D customization software, like jeans customization software, 3D shirt customization software, etc. For us, the desired goal is to showcase the best 3D customization options which can enable the B2C as well as B2B apparel enterprises to offer 3D customization to their customers. For the first time in the recent, it has been revealed that it has been achieved using our high-resolution 3D apparel customization solutions – which represents an interesting success for the industry. Combining traditional textile material with digitally-made and customized apparels, we are looking forward to fulfilling the vacuum and avail a faster installation on technology with various online apparel websites.


Another advantage of installing robust, tailored solutions together is that it increases the comfort area of the apparel for the wearer. The entire fabric should be soft, which touches the skin of the wearer, while the customized designs can also be implemented on the outer areas of the apparels. This will increase the comfort and satisfaction of the wearer.


Futuristic approach to customization in fashion:

People sometimes refer to the concept of customization to reach the market on a large scale, but we know that considering the implications of large scale market solutions, the plan should be carefully prepared.


Finally, we hope that the world of fashion returns to a more enduring model, which involves more local production, with smaller designs and production competing in the home market.

However, the growing influence of apparel customization solutions on fashion domains will be fascinating, and it has to be seen how it challenges and transforms our perception of fashion.


In this tech-driven world of higher digital development, fashion can be considered as an important vehicle for the display of the immense abilities of customization for design in other areas – whether it is consumer goods, automotive and others, etc.