Discover Advantages of Product Configurator Tool for E-Commerce

The e-commerce craze has increased in the past few years, and so has the demand for more Product Configurator tool to enhance online services. The product configurator software has played an important role in developing trends for customization in e-commerce.

It is a Product Configurator Tool that has enabled businesses to combine the 3D representation of the product based on customers’ specifications.

For instance, a customer can look at a 3D model of customized t-shirt or canvas shoes in 360 degrees view before manufacturing.  

This procedure helps the customer notice required changes before the product is manufactured and request changes, if necessary. Product Configurator helps with the easy and quick fixing of the product before manufacturing. It enables e-stores and e-commerce websites to lead their customer’s design their apparel, shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more.  

Product configurator tools are helping e-commerce businesses to enhance their relationships with customers by allowing them to help themselves. Businesses can now improve customers’ overall journey and ease their purchasing experience. This tool has become ideal for guiding customers throughout their design and purchasing journey and assisting the brands by delivering numerous advantages.  

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of employing a product configurator for your e-commerce website.  

Facilitating the sale of complex products-  

Complex products, especially B2B transactions, are most difficult to present features and attributes to the customers before selling. It contains hold of many options and needs various calculations required to be performed before creating a model. Product Configurator revolutionizes the whole procedure by allowing clients to easily put together the models by selecting the preferred attributes and features. This tool makes the process more desirable and convenient than inspecting the already involved options in the portfolio without being able to envisage the product in any form.  

Enhanced quote and precise values-  

Quote construction is generally considered a time taking procedure, as the client requires to provide their requirements to the sales team and then wait till the quote gets prepared by them. When integrated with your website, Product Configurator Tool makes the process a lot easier, as the quote can be easily produced once the customer submits the order. This tool saves time, ensures accurate pricing, and lets the sales team focus on other important aspects by freeing up their time.  

Lessening errors and increasing customer satisfaction-  

No matter what, manufacturing procedures with human invasion will never be completely free from errors. Manual submission for personalized products sometimes involves mistakes, leading to unsatisfied customers. However, Product Configurator Tool helps minimize errors, as manufacturing receives accurate information directly from the customers. In addition, this also leads to decreases in customer complaints and boosts customer satisfaction.  


The digitization of e-commerce has become a mandated step to bring customers on a loyalty scale. At the same time, the brands must offer transparent and worthy platforms to the customers to establish a good relationship with them. The Product Configurator Tool supports the brands to achieve the goal and helps the customers enjoy the process throughout. So, if you wish to re-establish your brand with all the necessary steps, immediately employ a best-in-class product configurator.   

Where to find a top-notch product configurator?   

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