Apparel Design Software: Tool for Clothing Boutiques to offer personalization

Do you start feeling that your clothing boutique online store is falling short of capturing the attention of customers?

Clothing Design Software | Apparel Design Software


Do you see the need to offer distinctive products to increase the visitors at your store?


Do you ever realize that personalization is in trend and more and more people are ready to pay high prices for it?


According to a study, 70% of retailers in North America list personalization as a top priority. Another study from Deloitte found that 1 out of 5 consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium amount if they get personalized choices.


Thus, personalizing the online shopping experience adds value to your brand offerings. You can win customers’ loyalty if you are capable of offering personalized apparels at your online boutique.


Research reveals that over the next five years personalization will push a revenue shift of some $800 billion to the 15% of companies that get it right in three sectors alone—retail, health care, and financial services.


What are the ingredients needed for it: Data and Technology


Consumer data can be used to give personalized recommendations to customers.


Technology is another driver of personalization in fashion industry.


Apparel Design Software is a sophisticated tool that can help you in addressing your challenges.


Personalization with Apparel Design Software


Apparel Design Software integrates with the web-store of your boutique and enhances its capabilities to offer customized and personalized clothes. The software is equipped with state-of-the-art functionalities to support the end-user as he uses the tool to create his own designs.


The interface is highly interactive and permits users to bring their creativity on the apparels. They can customize their clothes like jackets, hoodies, tuxedo, suits, t-shirts, pants, jeans, formal shirts and many more. It is possible to choose and create their style. For example, if a user doesn’t like a pocket on his shirt, he has the option to remove it.


Similarly, personalization is also available to your customers. They can give life to their ideas by getting them printed on the t-shirt or any apparel of their choice. For example, if a corporate customer wants to create ten t-shirts bearing the logo of a company as well as the name of the baseball team they are supporting in a sports event, they can get it personalized with your software. He only has to upload the image files on the software, choose the placement of image along with color preferences and order.


Thus, apparel design software gives more options to your customers instead of just looking and choosing from the standard catalog.


Apparel Design Software: Benefits to the consumers


According to research from Epsilon, personalized experiences appeal 90% of consumers and 80% are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers them.


These figures indicate that consumers love personalization. They want to buy apparels that reflect their identity and not what everyone is wearing in the market. Personalization in fashion is a trend that inspires fashion lovers to wear fresh designs resonating with their personality traits. Apparels are style statements. They speak about a person. So, when apparel design software gives them an opportunity to create and wear what they like and showcase, they get the style ownership in their hands. They have the privilege to design what they want to see in the wardrobe and what not.


Using apparel design software customers feel satisfied and delighted. Their affinity for a brand increases when they get personalized offerings.


Apparel Design Software: Benefits to the clothing boutique owners


As a clothing boutique owner, you start getting the attention of online fashion shoppers as you implement apparel design software. Secondly, personalization and customization can have a positive impact on the revenue graph of your business. As you offer personalization, it is possible to charge extra bucks for giving privileged services. Moreover, as you are processing the orders fetched from the customers, you are producing on-demand. This gives you an extra edge. First, you can understand what customers like, current trends and also upcoming trends. Second, your supply chain becomes flexible, and you can fill the supply-demand gaps.


Thus, with apparel design software, you earn not only customer loyalty but also get a strong brand positioning that ultimately converts into higher profitability.




Apparel Design Software is a revolutionary technology that can help clothing boutique owners to harness the potential of personalization in apparels. To position your business as one of the leaders in the clothing industry, implementing apparel design software is a wise decision.


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