How Apparel ERP Aids in Digitization?

The rising competition in the apparel industry is compelling leading firm to adopt technology-driven business models. The landscape on which apparel companies used to operate is completely changed now; as a result, the sector has reached an inflection point now. Companies that are hooked up to the older ways of working are slowly being challenged on every front. The online apparel design software integrated with an apparel ERP helps these organizations to transform their entire production process.


How Apparel ERP Helps in Digitally Transforming the Business?


In the apparel and fashion domain, digital is now directly responsible for altering consumer preferences and behaviors, leading to an increase in the demand for customized user experiences. The combination of globalized competition with technological disruptions, leave no choice for consumer-facing businesses, like apparel and fashion. The sector has to leverage modern software solutions to streamline workflows and improve customer experience. This is where an apparel ERP software solution can help enterprises. It helps in double downing on their strategic business goals, leverage the power of data, optimize mission-critical processes, and exceed customer expectations.

According to Gartner, there would be an increase in IT spending by 3.7% across the globe from 2019-2020. The trend was anticipated because of enterprise software spending on technology. The synergy between next-gen technology solutions and the retail world has proven to be a critical driver of growth. Also, it predicts that AI will drive at least 5% of digital commerce until 2022. These investments show that companies will have the caliber to develop various novel technologies. These would include automated customer-service representatives, shopping advisors, and omnichannel merchandising. It’s become abundantly clear that technology solutions are the only way to survive as businesses grapple with globalized supply chains, digital channels, multiple stakeholders, and dynamic consumer preferences.

By now, it must be clear why investing in technology would be a wise decision.


Let’s us now look at the reasons how Apparel ERP can help in digitizing the business:

  • Merchandising


The apparel ERP software supports key processes that revolve around the merchandising process, such as promotion management, assortment planning, and pricing and merchandising analytics. The tool also enables customers with store print labels and offers more value on mobile devices. The tool is integrated with data analytics that use real-time metrics to share business data so that you can have clear visibility of which products are selling and how fast.

Cutting off the mass-production pipeline will help as the brands won’t have to pray that they sell. With the help of online apparel design software implemented with the apparel ERP, the companies can design and sell as per the needs of customers. This creates exciting opportunities for apparel companies to shake up the traditional model that always pushed products out in the market.

  • Procurement


The tool aids in procurement processes, too, such as support merchandise buying, invoice management, and private-label manufacturing operations. The Apparel ERP enables deploying a platform that can generate a list with an updated view of requirements and stocks. This would pave the way for mass-customized clothing made only after the order is received, as well as more localized manufacturing. It would also help brands get closer to the consumer by providing more information about each product.

  • Supply Chain Management


The ERP software helps in optimizing supply chain processes, right from forecasting to allocating and from warehousing to logistics management. Since it already has access to all the data of the manufacturing and retailing company, it also offers support in warehouse management.  According to Leonie Barrie, an Apparel Analyst at GlobalData, “For the labor-intensive clothing industry with its long and complex global supply chains, Industry 4.0 has the potential to improve efficiency, speed up the whole planning and production process, reduce lead-times and allow brands to interact with supply chain partners in real-time.


To conclude, the blogs attempt to instill that in changing times, the apparel business must adjust itself with the latest technology. The designers need to realize that the increasing use of advanced technology will only help you to get closer to the customers. The online apparel design software by iDesigniBuy is available as holistic package with apparel ERP that can be customized to suit business needs and help fashion brands. The tool enables them to overcome the operations and market challenges with real-time enterprise visibility so that companies can gain greater control of their supply chain.


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