A brief on Product Customization Vs Product Configuration


With the demand for product customization and configuration increasing on a parallel strait, a new spectrum of discussion has peeped in the market- Product Customization Vs Product Configuration. This post is going to give you a thorough idea about both the means, thereby providing you the liberty to give a fair judgment on the same.


Product Configurator Tool


Let’s discuss the benefits of product customization –

Provided, you have a trendy and unique product customization software in use, it will not take much time to make your product line the talk of the town. You don’t need the tag of any high-end brand like Gucci for this to work in your favor. Just make it simple, relevant and effective; and yes, you can hit the media. A recent study has shown that the consumers are likely to pay an average of 25% more for customized goods than that of the non-personalized ones.


Product customization software is one of the best tools to understand what your customers want. Customization can actually create a whole new merchandising line, which would not only bring in huge revenues to your business but would also broaden the path towards more profit. All you have to do is paying attention to the demands of your customers and this will take you on the right track.


The more involved consumers are in creating their purchases, the more connected they’ll feel to them. So what does this product connection mean for your business? The happy and interested customers are more likely to buy again from your site, thereby getting you the desired market value in return. An array of different surveys have proved that buyers are always less prone to return an item that they helped to create. So, customization is always a smart way to retain the existing customers on board.


By offering customized products on your website, you are giving consumers a reason to buy through your site, as opposed to buying through a traditional store. Also, by having a sturdy online presence, you can create a strong connection with your buyers. And, nothing can do this to you better than a product customization tool. You can also use product customization as a way to sell different products online so that you’re not competing directly with your retailers. By giving your customers the leverage to get exactly what they want is undoubtedly a great way to make them stick with your brand.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of product configurator-

In order to create a successful business model, it is essential to be able to deal with the ongoing fluctuations of a rapidly changing commercial world. A well-organized implementation of product configurator software can actually keep making your venture stand out in the crowd. Responding to client and customer demands is the most effective way how you can set up a fully technologically integrated business from a failing one.


The up-to-date models of a product configuration tool are able to perk up the working practices of your business, thereby triggering you to the right path. Customer and client orders delivered through a database can be classified in a number of different ways depending on your preference. When the products and service orders can be arranged according to particular customer orders, they can also be examined and scrutinized, saving on wasted material and keeping the database free from any unnecessary items. The products and company features can then be arranged according to available qualities and options.This can truly be considered as a terrific advantage to your business.


To conclude, with more and more retailers investing more on online than offline, serving consumer needs with customized products will surely initiate a strong profit margin. At the same time, the use of a product configurator software is also important to survive in today’s business scenario. Offering a plethora of exciting business aspects, product configuration tool can actually be an effective way to provide your customers with the best service.


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