Business Model and Salient Features of Online Handbag Customization


Customized products are becoming the Centre of attraction in this digitalized environment. Customers love to customize their products rather than selecting a premade one. This is because of the latest trend in the fashion and the industry which makes them move towards product customization.

Women Handbag Designer Tool


Product Customization tool is helping the business personnel to generate higher profit along with better customer loyalty and satisfaction. Well, that leads to an increase in the production costs, but mass customization is very fruitful as people adopt it very quickly and can help it out in generating higher profits.

Customized products have taken up the significant place in the life of people and created a charm as a technology. In this digitalized era, customization of products is in the new trend of luxury and personalization.


By implementing the correct strategy, you can increase the profits and customer satisfaction in customization business. It has become more popular and getting attraction because it gives the customers a power to choose the size, shape, color according to their need and requirement. And this is what customer especially women expects from Women Handbag Customization software as an example.


eCommerce bag industry faces maximum decision making problems and challenges. This problem can be best dealt with by providing the customers, something unique into the feature as an option for customizing their bags. The website related to custom bags are trending as consumers as looking for products which they have personalized as per their choice and creativity.


To be a part of this industry, you must go for Business Model, Features of industry, lacking the bag websites, below in this blog!

1. Business Model: – Purses, clutches and the handbags are made to order, and the custom bag designing website provides this option to potential customers or the companies with the hands-on luxury of Personalization. With the advancement of the technology in almost every sector, people now prefer customized bags as per their preferences and choices.

Let’s see how the website work:-
• There is a whole new range of the handbags that are available with the website from which customer can choose. This can further be categorized into the different type of bags.

• After selecting the bag, they can customize it with the features like colors, the material of the bag along with adding a monogram.

• Customers also have the option to add the bag to the cart without any prior customization. As if the customer is comfortable with predefined color and style of the bag they can order it without any customization.

• Once the product is added to cart, they can proceed for the payment gateway.

2. Revenue Based Model: – The Initial revenue based model of Custom Bag website is selling of the customize bag, which includes different production cost based on designing, resources and the man power. Apart from the primary revenue generation channels, website owners can opt the secondary channels too to generate the revenue over the website.

3. Advertisement: – As the bag websites usually hit by high traffic. The visitor who visit the website no only seek just for the bag but also look and get engage with interface components too. Through the display advertisement, the owner can generate good revenue from custom bag websites.

4. Extra Services: – To look for subscription related to customization of bags in bulk is the good source from where revenue can be generated.

Salient Features:-

1. Online Customization:- In the digital world, an online customization is a great tool when it comes to showing a preview of what a customer is customizing is very important as a part of user experience. It will not help in increasing the positive feedback of our customers but also helps in increase the sales because a customer gets already know about the bag what they are getting in. Moreover, user engagement also increases as they see the user interface is designed in such a way that gives a different sort of attraction to the user.

2. Quality and warranty: – To establish the essence of trustworthiness among the users and the potential customer, it is essential to give a lifetime warranty to customers, which create goodwill of your brand on the points of quality.

3. Articles and Blogs – Well, blogs and articles play a vital role in educating the readers as well as a point of view regarding search engine optimization. You can convince the potential buyer about the customized bag and its qualities along with how it is the better option than the regular bag. If the client engages more from the blog than the possibility to buy any product get increases by double.

4. Frequently Asked Questions: – To answer the doubts and the FAQ’s of the customers assures them that you are assisting them to clear their confusion related to the products and the website. And this impact the customers that, as a business owner, took care of their customer expectations and conduct the business in a fair way. To add the question of FAQ on the website is right to do, as customers have a lot of questions while personalizing their bag.

5. Categorization: – To categorize the essential features of the specific custom bag website as user love to check the category first and then goes into the segment of customization. The website must have both the option that is buying a pre-designed bag or can choose the option of customization. That is the reason why category options should be managed perfectly.

6. Integrating the social media platform options: – Customers loves to share their creativity on the various social media platform, to integrate the social media options can be very helpful regarding marketing.

7. Registering the Bag for lifetime warranty: – A customer will not be eligible for lifetime warranty until they can’t register the bag on the website. There must have an option of registering on the customized bag website where the end user can register and avail the option of the lifetime warranty. The will help in generating the data of the customer through email addresses and contact information.
8. Real-time chat: – There may be a lot of queries to the customers while customizing the bag. So there must have a real-time chat section on the website where any confusion and queries can be answered immediately. To enhance the user experience you have to be prompt while answering the question raised by the end users.
Conclusion: – If you are in the business related to bags or luggage, the e-commerce has so much to offer full of excitement. To provide the custom bag designing services to your customers can help in creating the brand as well as goodwill in competition with others. But be very sure about how it works before getting into it. Online Customization software empowers the user to select and create the design of the bags as per their need. This is a very young trendy and dynamic concept as it gives the opportunity to create something unique and new in the industry. In this digital and machine friendly age, you have to provide the best user interface as well as smooth purchasing experience rather than selling a simple product as customers nowadays expect more than just selling from the seller.