Why Choose iDesigniBuy’s Tailored Solution for Your Fashion eStore

Gone are those days when people use to buy mass-produced clothing, footwear or other fashion accessories. One size never fits all and with the development in the product customization where users can design their own clothing and accessories, one size fits all has faded away from the fashion industry. Product personalization has become a crucial part of almost every industry; but as fashion apparel and accessories are easily available online, users seek for personalization options for clothing range. Nowadays, integrating online fashion designing software with an existing website or online store has become easier to offer customization options to the end-user.

Clothing Design Software

There are various tools available in the market that facilitates you to offer customization options to your customers without making many changes to your existing website. It is an efficient, reliable and fast way to ensure that you are offering the best personalization solution to your customers. Integrating a customization option to your estore or website can increase your sales, enhance your customer base, and even assist you to improve online presence.

Below are the top five advantages that you add to your business with an iDesigniBuy fashion designing software:

Build Customer Loyalty: Building reliability is very important to earn customer loyalty, but for building loyalty offering the best-in-class serving to your customers with what they are looking for is crucial.

Considering the 21st century users, there are numerous possibilities available and it can be complicated to wade through every possibility to find products that suit personal requirements and style. The personalization option for an item can assist customers to create an almost-perfect item that they are seeking for and force them to come back and purchase from your website again.

Widen Your Market Reach: The popularity of customization is growing with every passing day. Considering this, it is estimated that by 2021 more than $31 billion will be spent to customize gift options during the special occasions and festive seasons and clothing is one of the major options while it comes to a gifting option. Customers wish to gift their loved ones a high-end present that has a personalized touch and will meet their unique requirement and taste. A customization feature makes any item more desirable and giftable. Moreover, once your customer buys a product and it gets delivered to them, it works as its own promotions.

Improve Profit Margins: A simple option which anyone can achieve by integrating Fashion Design Software can help you improve the margins on any given product. According to a survey, over 40% of end-users say they will or have paid extra for an item they intended to purchase only because of the personalization option. This shows that the demand for apparel can be improved by providing a customization option. Also, as mentioned above, if users have confidence in your brand that they will get the best in class products, they will continue purchasing from your website even at higher costs to get exactly what they want.

Reduce Return Rates: As per the recent statistics, 30% of purchases are returned to retailers or manufactures because the product is not right or the product advertised and the product arrived appears different. Offering an option to select how their product should look like by offering customization option to the customer will reduce the return rates and improve customer trust in your brand. The iDesigniBuy’s fashion and clothes designer software facilitates customers to view the product virtually before placing an order for it. Building the trust that the product your customers are ordering, they will receive the same at their doorstep helps to minimize the return rates, and ensure your customers will come back to your store to do business with you.

Word of Mouth: The most effective way to promote your brand is word of mouth. Delivering your customers with the exact product what they want is the ultimate way to keep your customers engaged with your business and influence them to purchase from your store again and again. If your customer is satisfied with your services, they will share their experience with friends and family, even on social media sites, review sites and other platforms, which improve the online presence of your business. As your customers are going to review your product, this will give you insights into how to improve personalization options, products, and you will also know what your customers like about your services.

Though online marketing strategies have their own role in business and can be effective in getting new consumers for your business, stats suggest that around 92% of customers trust recommendations and reviews posted by people they know or even from outsiders than campaigns run by organizations. Apart from increasing the sales, focus on improving your customer loyalty and offer your product further exposure. So, with a positive word of mouth, you can create a buzz about your products and services.

iDesigniBuy’s fast, easy to use fashion design software which is easy to install and take less time to configure is the best option for your business. Upgrading your online tailoring business with the latest technologies will help you grab the attention of more customers and to grow the business.