Clothing Design Software Helps Brands in Anticipating the Future of the Garment Industry

“Technology” in the fashion world has drastically changed its way of doing business. It has evolved into a wide-reaching term that covers the entire supply chain from creating the product to tracing it. As an umbrella term, technology is an increasingly pivotal enabler of circular business models. And one innovative technology that has made it possible to track the production process is the online fashion designing software. This is a customization solution that helps brands to create fashion styles demanded by customers through a digital medium, thus safeguarding the environment.


Clothing Design Software Offers Room for Experiments to Brands


Although retail footfall continues to rise, this recent boost to in-store shopping hasn’t, for the most part, come close to compensating for sales that migrated online. It also fails to resolve the unexpected volumes of inventory brands need to clear.

When we talk about technology, we are no longer talking only about garments being tracked from suppliers to retail stores. Instead, it’s time to spotlight the rise of ‘digital triggers’ in facilitating circular fashion models.


Let us find out how technology in the fashion industry can help to maintain sustainability:


  • Expertise in Managing Inventory 


You all must be knowing how much cost a brand has to bear when their items go unsold. As these days, the sales plummet with people losing their jobs, overflow stock, fashion houses are finding it extremely difficult to foresee and combat these challenges. However, some solutions are achievable for retailers at any scale. For example, Hermes recently announced that it would hold workshops and train employees to observe growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, novel technology, like digital triggers, allow the consumer to engage with the brand regarding their purchase— by directing them to a digital marketing campaign about the garment’s production,


The fashion industry offers enough opportunities to those who are willing to grab them with both hands. Likewise, our 3d clothing design software enables brands to allow their customers to design their apparel or help them when the need arises. This tool’s digital technology will enable buyers to preview their products and make necessary adjustments before heading for payment.



  • Transition into Ecommerce


Since people are moving away from offline shopping, the chances of doing business online have increased, and it is inevitable to avoid these circumstances. Yes, ecommerce indeed comes with its own sets of rules, margins, and competition, and being wrong from any perspective could prove fatal for brands. Those brands that are now transitioning into ecommerce have face challenges in two folds, first of all, they have to increase their warehouse capacity, and second of all, they need to form a strategy for the return process. Those who are digitally native brands don’t have to be worried about this. Therefore, big brands like Zara, Hermes don’t have to be concerned about this trend, and on top of it, online luxury retailers like Farfetch are one step ahead of all brands.


The label has decided to refresh its brand identity alongside a new global campaign that puts its boutique business model “front and center”. The campaign ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion’ celebrates the business’s international community. The overhauled website aesthetic aims to cement its place as a fashion authority in the luxury sphere.


  • Learn from Fashion Shows 


These days, fashion shows are in the most vulnerable situation. Their sector witnessed some of the most challenging times as they were unprepared to adopt technology and were caught off-guard. Whatever happened can’t be undone. The shows have to learn to use technology as people are still not allowed to fly off to new locations, and social distancing becomes a norm. Therefore, New York Fashion Week is adopting a digital approach and presenting its collection mostly through video. Given that thrill of walking down the ramp with perfect background music and lights can be done physically, nothing can stop the designer’s passion from presenting their collection. If not physically, then virtually, the show will go on.





Fashion by nature is about change, and if not today, some other day, the luxury brands had to adopt these changes. The brands must always keep this in mind that technology is here to help them smoothly transition them to evolve themselves with time. The sector is bound to innovate. To make this process even more fulfilling, We offer digital fashion pro, a built-in customization solution by iDesigniBuy that helps brands keep track of the entire supply chain and make sure nothing is wasted. The tool offers excellent opportunities that will help brands mark their presence in the online world and has the potential to convert their dreams into reality.


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