Custom Shoe Designing Offers On-Demand Solution to Save Fashion Industry

Fashion companies regularly face the challenge of how many products to manufacture and how many of them would be sold. The supply chain’s quandary nature always leads to the overproduction of luxury products and its rampant wastage. To help the sector over this problem, we offer customization solutions in the name of sneaker design software that allows brands only to manufacture footwear that is liked and purchased by their customers. Thus, reducing the excess wastage and overproduction.



Custom Shoe Designing Helps Buyers Manufacture On-Demand Products 


For many years the fashion/luxury market has been looking for alternatives to help it shun the image of environment polluters, but little has been achieved until now. Some have advocated using carbon offsetting, biodegradable fabrics, and dissolvable threads – they are all important in their own right, but in the broader context of things. They are small solutions to a much more significant problem, like fixing leaking pipes in a burning building. The industry’s sustainability issue fundamentally boils down to its simple: it is producing too many products.


Recently, a London-based fashion firm Paynter also works on similar ground. Its made-to-order model is one of the excellent solutions the fashion industry has been inundated with in recent years to tackle its enormous and growing environmental footprint. Like this label, other brands need to directly address the over manufacturing problem with advanced technology and sustainability concerns to revitalize its old way of production.


Here are simple steps that are fruitful to avoid dumping of products:


Adopt Smart Thinking 

As said earlier, the fashion industry has been overproducing for a very long time, but in recent times, it reached its peak. The factors such as the rising demand for fast-fashion has been the highest contributor for the overproduction. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an estimated garbage truck worth of textiles is being thrown to the landfill or burned every second. The industry is churning out more collections than it has ever produced due to fast-fashion. These problems have then been further exposed in recent months. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of billions of clothing orders, many of which had already been made.


The industry needs to formulate smarter strategies to counter the overproduction problem with customization solutions so that they would only manufacture products that are required would be worn. Besides, the customer is opting to involve himself in the production process and has a say on how he wants his item to look, which makes it even more, assuring that it wouldn’t be dumped in the dustbin. The design your own sneakers online follows the same strategy and allows brands to manufacture products based on a made-to-order model.


Harness New Technology 

We live in a modern world where nothing is impossible to achieve if you have the right technology. Harness that. Let’s consider the collaboration between London-based fashion tech company Unmade and New Balance to see how the future might look. The U.S. based company, New Balance, would be using Unmade’s software on its website to allow its buyers to create their pair of funky customized shoes with a variety of graphics, colors, and text. The software’s visual technology would enable people to create photographic renders of the customer’s unique design before it has been made, so shoppers can see exactly what they’re getting.



The time has come for brands to adopt agile production processes and directly connect the supply with demand. Let buyers engage in the designing process within the parameters predefined by brands. This would also eliminate the speculation game that many brands are playing and the habit of overstocking; instead, allow buyers to digitally customize the product they like, effectively leveraging two of the industry’s key trends: personalization and sustainability.


Perhaps now more than ever, companies will see the value in such a shift. In recent months, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought pre-existing flaws in the industry’s supply and demand model, hurtling into the spotlight. In April, it was revealed that Primark had taken a 284-million-pound hit from stock it could no longer sell, while Marks & Spencer in May announced it would be “hibernating” around 200 million pounds worth of unsold seasonal inventory until Spring 2021.


Closing Comments- 

The time has come for brands to adopt strategies where technology is rapidly advancing swiftly. Consumers these days are more concerned than ever about the environmental impact of the industry, and personalization is fashion’s newest must-have. And if catering to all these demands seems too much, then install the customize shoes online by iDesigniBuy. Our advanced tool is worth-admiring as it allows your customer to make their pair of shoes as per their taste and allowing you to adhere to sustainability and produce as required.


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