Custom Tailoring Software Aids Brands to Resurface their Lustre in the Market

Many high-end apparel brands are trying their best to fascinate their buyers, yet they are struggling to keep up with the relevancy and new demands of the fashion market. Despite being popular brands among people, the new cultural and political influences have hit the fashion industry hard. But this shall too pass, as customization helps brands counter all these narratives with ease, and our online 3d fashion design solution will help these brands to cater to all needs of buyers and protect themselves from all the negative media. The tool is designed to let buyers create their fashion sense and show it to the world.

 Custom Tailoring Software Aids Brands to Resurface their Lustre in the Market


Custom Tailoring Software Enables Brands to Stand Tall Amid Crisis


The pandemic has caused many brands and retailers to rethink their missions and priorities. With the increased demand for sustainably sourced products, others are likely to follow suit. Brands such as Zalando, Gucci, Veja, and Levi’s and a host of non-profits, are all working towards increasing their sustainability commitments and eco-learning in line with these new consumer values. Besides, some are quicker to adopt the latest trends and habits picked up by buyers and streaming in the competition.



Here are the reasons why certain brands are lagging and how they can stand on their feet again. 

  • Fast-Fashion Leads to Less R&D 


Fast fashion always meant that brands need to come with new solutions within six months, which left them with less time for research and development. While this approach gives customers the opportunity to access new products all the time, it has also weighed on the innovation and differentiation that these products offer. And sometimes, the brand spends too much time marketing its product to shoppers and enhancing its customer base that they overlook an essential feature that differentiates them from others, and that’s originality.


But with the inception of customization, the apparel selling companies don’t have to be worried about the uniqueness or produce clothes at a faster speed. They can now relax, offer the driving seat to the buyer, and decide what he wants to wear and what should be considered out of fashion. Hence, you get enough time to do your R&D on other essential business things.


  • Rise in Online Sales 


The new competition is in the online world where everyone is ready with their best strategy to outshine the other business. Additionally, the increased use of smartphones by buyers is causing many brands to jump into the pool of the ecommerce. Customers find it easier to connect with companies that have an online presence. It’s also beneficial for manufacturers and retailers to simultaneously gain an endorsement for its brand image and explore a live-stream sales channel. Similarly, the made-to-order clothes help apparel designers show the designs to customers digitally and get orders placed in real-time. Consider the case of 3d clothing design software, a customization solution that enables the company’s end-users to design their clothes from skirts to shirts virtually. The tool provides a free hand to people to bring out the best in them.


  • Surge in Sustainable Brands 


Many high-end brands, like Mango and Levi’s, are continuously looking for the use of alternative and recycled materials. At the same time, Zalando’s initiative has already resulted in a 30% increase in new arrivals containing lyocell. While and Abercrombie & Fitch will be responsible for sourcing materials with sustainable processes or from recycled fibers by 2025, including cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, down, and linen. People are loyal to brands that show a closer connection to mother earth, and brands must try to make the most of it. We all know there is no planet B, and thus we can’t afford to blow up all the chances to reconnect with nature.  The rising awareness among people about the growing contribution of the fashion industry in environmental pollution has brought us to the cross-section from where returning overnight is difficult but not impossible.



The personalization solutions enable brands to cater to the demand of sustainable and ethical fashion as manufacturers can only produce what is demanded in the market, and buyers will only buy clothes they genuinely need.




In these unprecedented times, to mark in customers’ hearts is a daunting task for brands, but they can do so by implementing the above mentioned strategies in combination. In case, these all seem too much to attain, let us be your light bearer as iDesigniBuy is a leading fashion tech company that offers the design clothes online. This customization solution allows your buyers to design their clothes using various combinations. The tool is the best chance to become digitally responsive, sustainable, and promote slow-fashion. With all these factors in your control, brands can easily take the fashion market by storm.


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