Custom Tailoring Software Offers Easy Business with Smartphones

These days, having a physical store isn’t a sign of success. With the change in time, consumers’ preference for companies with an online presence is increasing. If you are an apparel store owner and want to mark your presence in the ecommerce, now is the time for it. Don’t worry if you find the process overwhelming; our tailoring solution software will offer you holistic solutions so that you can capture buyers’ attention and get an edge over others.



Custom Tailoring Software Promotes Using Latest Technology for Ecommerce


Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it is proving to be an excellent tool for apparel brands as they entice their customers. In fact, buyers are also inclined towards companies that continuously interact with them through online chats, text messages, videos, and phone calls. These mediums help recreate the intimacy of in-person shopping. Consider the case of Threads Styling. It uses Instagram in place of shop windows and messaging apps as its salesfloor, acting as an on-demand luxury department store for millennials who are more accustomed to engaging emoji-filled texts than face-to-face clientele meetings.

Customers shop by swiping up on a Threads product post when they want to buy something and initiate a chat conversation with one of the Threads’ personal shoppers. The average purchase conversation for Threads personal shoppers lasts one or two days, but sales have been made in as quickly as five minutes. The brand did a business of $50,000 to a new client who saw them on an Instagram Story.



Its widely believed that shoppers who engage in online chat have a higher average order value, higher lifetime value, and make fewer returns.


Let’s see how this process helps brands:

  • Focus on high-consideration purchases


Expensive, complicated, or highly personal items — such as wedding dresses, intimates, or beauty products — are more likely to benefit from personalized shopping experiences. Our custom apparel software will allow your shoppers to connect with experts so that buyers can make informed decisions with the help of your recommendations.  This technique has done wonders for leading brands, such as Curated, which started its apparel business on similar lines.


  • Utilize employee expertise wisely


In online conversations, the roles of sales associate, customer service agent, and bots are blending to facilitate a new approach to clienteling. Burberry, for example, developed an app that lets in-store associates chat with global customers, and allows online customers to connect with in-store staff for styling guidance. While you incorporate bots on your company’s website, it is vital to have employees as they are the best resources for making recommendations and forging relationships. You can also use the tool to automate some basic queries, such as looking up prices or tracking numbers to free up personal shoppers’ space.


  • Think Beyond Text


You can also introduce two-way videos. This is particularly useful for helping customers with fit and for retailers. It’s a natural progression from the text. Many fashion industry experts anticipate that brands will need increasingly video chat with customers thanks to Apple’s recent upgrades that enable peer-to-peer video within a Safari browser, meaning brands don’t need an app.



The bottom line of the blog is that going forward; it will be imperative for the apparel brands to offer to enhance online experience with the humanization of augmented reality and computer vision. The time has come for apparel brands to incorporate cutting-edge and innovative solutions that will help consumers recognize emotions and faces with your virtual assistants and live chats. The 3d tailoring software by iDesigniBuy in a mobile responsive layout offers such advanced solutions with customization techniques that will help you to drive engagement with customers.

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