Developing enterprise based tailored solutions for apparel customization

Importance of tailoring with tags of the oldest businesses from ancient times to date is very high. It is still considered an evergreen business. With the evolution of the apparel industry, various enterprises came into existence to offer trendy and fashionable apparels for men and women. Not only the tailors, even those businessmen who are trying to iron their strength in fashion, style and business skills, but they can also successfully set up and run online tailoring business stores.


Fashion Design Software


Having a solid marketing plan with passion and dedicated efforts is very important. There is a stereotype about the people of the apparel and fashion industry that this industry can only fly high through manual sales, which is a hoax. In this digital driven era, customers are ready to watch the product even before buying, and this is where the apparel design software comes into view.


This software takes care of all your customization needs. Apart from this, its rich features can meet every customer’s requirement, which they are expecting from you as an apparel manufacturer and seller. iDesigniBuy stands on your behalf to unlock all the elements that you are looking for’ not only for those who will help you in increasing the business but also promote the potential presence in the online apparel market.


Now, let’s discuss the crucial aspects of tailored solutions and its exclusive features that help in making your apparel enterprise a demand-driven venture:

Let’s see,

  • Increased customer reach: Being an apparel businessman, it is significantly important to gain vast range towards your targeted audience. The trend shows that customers are highly excited for customizing fabric as per their desire. By giving them the best in class optimization options for their clothes, the customer base will increase as more customers can reach the front of your online store for customization.


  • Efficient inventory management: Inventory management is something that you have to be actively looking at’ as the higher the stock can increase the cost and lowering the stock will reduce the balance of demand and supply. Fashion design software continually updates the real-time list according to the stock available. For example: – If the level of your inventory indicates that you have 100m cloth available and the customer has ordered to design and customize the shirt, then the real-time inventory management system for the meter is necessary to show the customer Can reduce and reduce the cost of selected clothing and show you the remaining stocks.


  • Omnichannel model: According to a report from a private agency survey, 83% of users want to buy online. This is due to the digitization and up gradation of technology that everyone wants to sit back, relax and buy at their fingertips. Now, in the form of an online eStore owner, meeting this dynamic changing environment and upgrading yourself according to customer’s expectations is very important. Custom tailoring software starts your online presence with the experience of Omni Channel, which allows any customer to customize and order their clothes anywhere through smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The Omni Channel experience can empower the customer to use this software, which they have on any device.


  • Perfect body measurement: It is mandatory to give the ideal body measure to the customer. Now, it’s your job to educate the guide about providing the body’s ability to measure, along with providing them full body measurement online. The software is rich with this feature and allows the customer to provide body measurement which helps you to design clothes according to their size.


  • Smooth payment gateway integration: The online clothing design software has been developed in such a way that it can be easily integrated and can be executed with any payment gateway that is linked to your website. Checkout is an essential aspect of every purchase process, and this is what makes this software unique as any payment gateway can be smoothly integrated to enhance the revenue.


  • Numerous models to select: The owner can list different types of clothes, styles, patterns, and colors according to availability, which enables the customer to order the clothes according to their requirement. When you have different options to choose from, customers feel more attractive because they can adapt to their creativity. This software ensures the market trend and according to the expectations and demands of the customers. This undoubtedly helps you to build a strong brand and goodwill in this tech-drove apparel market.


Now, after going through all these characteristics and points, one thing that comes to the mind of every garment enterprise, which software providers can develop this clothing software according to your business product.

So, here is the solution. iDesigniBuy develops the software according to your products which makes it stand up and looks over the crowd. You can share the requirement of software according to your products, and we will work according to your expectations.