Furniture Design Enables Brands to Tap-on Emerging Trends-

Furniture design is that particular piece of a room that can never go wrong. People put in extra effort to choose and buy a sofa, table, or chair that perfectly fits their home interior. With customization coming into the picture, the brands have more space to experiment with their offerings and collaborate with buyers to understand what they are looking for and how their requirements can be met. Likewise, the furniture customization software offers a robust business solution to furniture manufacturing and selling companies that enable them to boost their sales. Its customization and digital features allow companies and their customers to come together and create a unique product. 

Furniture Configurator Offers Solutions to Understand Emerging Trends 

Furniture has become an integral part of everyone’s life as people spend more time relaxing at home or working remotely. The lifestyle change has also transformed the furniture business and the way it used to operate. The need to lead a sustainable life is enticing people to watch out for vintage and antique furniture pieces. The trend to stay inside or stepping out only when necessary is inclining buyers to purchase playful and sensible furnishing that allow them to host play dates and small parties. It would be appropriate that furniture has become a story in itself and a great way to connect with other people.  

It is well-known that the right furniture piece can light up the room. And especially when it is custom created, it speaks volume about the buyer’s taste, personality. The furniture brands need to identify these opportunities and enable their buyers to select products that bespeak their class and appease their aesthetic sense. If you are new in the field and looking for inspiration to entice your customers, we have you covered. In the current blog, we shall highlight the new trends in the furniture domain, and they are utility in converting a regular visitor into a loyal customer.  

Here are a few of the trends that furniture companies should keep an eye on:

  • Inclination Towards Textured Furniture  

You must have witnessed people use smart wallpapers, flute glass panes, and give a new touch to their walls. Interestingly, a similar trend has been seen in the furniture sector too. Cabinets and doors are designed to give smooth doors and flat fronts and enable customers to experiment with the looks by adding their taste to the furniture. They can make these pieces more decorative and reduce or add size to their preference and as per their room or house. Our design your own furniture online offers similar portals for your buyers as they can select from a wide range of your e-catalogues. The tool encourages your customers to design their choice of furniture from the digital portal in 3d.  

Here is the case of Trove – the first furniture collection from Studio Duggan that uses the details mentioned above on its collection in various shades.

  • Growth of Decorative Joiners  

Saying at home means dealing with uncomfortable and awkward closets that offer very little space to change the wardrobe. As customization has risen to the occasion, more buyers are leaning towards this trend. It has emerged as their go-to solution as it enables them to design a wardrobe according to the room’s size and space. These decorative joiners allow your customers to design awkward spaces by giving them a proper direction and incorporating more appropriate shelves and wardrobes with their flavour.  

Moreover, customers get the freedom to bring their imagination into reality and work on the material and texture of the wardrobe. Matilda Goad uses a similar concept and encourages buyers to update their built-in wardrobes. On the other hand, Suzy Hoodless favours lines resembling tongue and groove to bring surface detail to otherwise simple MDF doors.  

  • Allegiance Lies in the Broken Plan Living  

Since people are at home, they are enough spare time to understand how they would want to re-construct or change their living spaces with everyone hosting parties or indulging in their leisure activities like watching Netflix and chilling. Therefore, you will see many buyers are open to re-imagine their living space and make it unique. Several consumers are cleverly using their bookcases as leisure room and using a beautiful curtain or stylish cupboards to spilt the room. Hence, the rise of room dividers. As per John Lewis, a 65 per cent surge in sales of their iconic String Flexible shelving system in September last year. Besides, they also reported a 73 per cent rise in small designer desks, as working remotely becomes the new trend.  

  • Increment in Use of Sustainable Product  

The rising demand for furniture leads to more production and designing, thus degrading the environment. Besides, to meet such demands, brands often use bad quality material that decreases the life span of a particular product. This overall low-quality or negligence from brands has brought the industry into the bad spotlight. Additionally, the rising concerns and awareness among customers are more than enough to add fuel to the fire. However, the rising trend of customization in furniture enables brands to combat the notion and malpractices followed by them. This can be seen from the statement issued by Alexis Cogul of Doo Architecture suggests that more people are demanding them to use new material with a blend of natural or organic material. This should be a wake-up call to the furniture manufacturers and retailers to start adhering with the environmentally-conscious buyers.  

Wrapping Up- 

To sum up the blog, the rising demand in the furniture industry is compelling brands to change their business models and incorporate new styles. The changing consumer taste is quickly shaping the sector, and companies who are slow in catching up with the trend will fall back. The domain now has a newfound love and interest in designing, personalizing, and customizing furniture as per the customers’ choice. If you are willing to incorporate the same value in your bottom line, you must install the sofa configurator software by iDesigniBuy. The customization tool comes with built-in digital features allowing brands to pace up with the current trends by revitalizing their business model.  

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